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Ex Libris

Clinical Resources

  ABC's of Trauma Resuscitation

  Acute Epiglottis: Airway

  Acute Pain Management

  Anesthesia Guidelines

  Anesthesia for the Pregnant Patient

  Anaesthesia for Opthalmic Surgery

  Anesthesia Practice Standards

  Anesthesia Reference Materials

  Anesthesia Resident's Electronic Handbook

  Anesthetic Management of the Latex-Allergic Patient

  Anesthetic Management of the Pre-Eclamptic Patient

  Anesthetic Risk/Premedication/Choice

  Anesthesiology Critical Incident Reporting System

  Anesthesiology Multimedia Procedures

  Antibiotic Anaphylactoid Reactions

  Arterial Tourniquet

  ASA Standards, Guidelines and Statements

  Axillary Brachial Plexus Block

  Cervical Plexus Block

  Combined Spinal-Epidural Anesthsia?

  Confirmation of Endotracheal Intubation

  Controlled Ventilation

  Differential Diagnosis in Anesthesia & Critical Care Medicine

  Digitised Anaesthesia Lectures

  Direct Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation

  Drugs Used in Anaesthesia

  EEG Study of Intravenous Sedative Agents

  ENT Handbook for Anesthesia Trainees

  Epidural Misadventures

  Etomidate and Adrenal Suppression

  Evaluation of a Child with Inspiratory Stridor

  Evaluation of the Emergency Airway

  Femoral Nerve Block

  Flexible Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation

  Fundamentals of Acid-Base Balance

  (FAQ) on Ketamine

  Guidelines for Cancer Pain Management

  High Frequency Jet Ventilation

  Indirect Tracheal Intubation

  Infant vs. Adult Airway

  Infant Airway

  Infraclavicular Block

  Intravenous Anesthetics and Muscle Relaxants

  Introduction to TCI

  Low Spinal Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section

  Management of the Pediatric Airway

  Medical Conditions with Airway Implications

  Manual of Neurosurgical Anesthesia

  Malignant Hyperthermia: Clinical Signs

  Nasotracheal Intubation: Complications

  Neuro and Cardiac Anesthesia

  On-line Airway Pathology Atlas

  Ophthalmic Anesthesia References

  Orthopedic Anesthesia

  Propofol Infusion Anaesthesia

  Rapid Sequence Intubation

  Techniques and Equipment - The Difficult Airway

  Use of Pharmacologic Agents

  Uterine Contractions: Anesthetic Effects

  Virtual Anesthesia

Case Review (Professional)

  Acute Lung Injury in a Blunt Trauma Victim

  Management of a Difficult Airway in Pediatrics

  Patient with Subglottic Stenosis / Jet Ventilation

  Postoperative Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Information For Patients

  Acute Pain Management Manual

  Anesthesia and Pain Management

  Going Under: Preparing Yourself for Anesthesia

  Guide to Local and Regional Anaesthesia

  How Will I Feel After My Anaesthetic?

  Pain Relief in Labour

  Pain Resources for Patients and Their Familie

  What is the Role of the Anaesthetist?

  Your Child's Anesthesia


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