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Ex Libris
Biological Science Libraries



  Aquaculture Digital Library
  Arnold Arboretum/Horticulture Library, Harvard University
  Botany Libraries at Harvard University
  Canadian Agriculture Library
  Charles Allen Cary Veterinary Medical Library, Auburn University
  Columbia University Biological Sciences Library
  Cornell University Veterinary Library
  Crop and Food Research Library, New Zealand
  Crops and Soils Library, Kansas State University
  Elisabeth C. Miller Horticulture Library, University of Washington
  Entomology, Fisheries & Wildlife Library, University of Minnesota
  Entomology Library, Cornell University
  Environmental Design Library, UC Berkeley
  European Environment Library Network
  European Union Food Regulation Library
  Food and Nutrition Library, Tulane University
  Food Regulation Library
  Food Science and Human Nutrition Library, Kansas State University
  Forestry Library, University of Minnesota
  Geosciences and Map Library, Princeton University
  International Food Library and Resource Center
  Kansas State Livestock Library
  Library of the French Academy of Agriculture
  Library of the Institute for Social Ecology
  Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
  Missouri Botanical Garden Library
  National Agricultural Library
  National Library for the Environment
  National Oceanographic Library
  National Sea Grant Library
  Oceanography Library, Hawaii
  Pell Marine Science Library, University of Rhode Island
  Pendergrass Agriculture-Veterinary Medicine Library, U of Tenn.
  Plant and Crop Sciences Library
  Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library
  The Rosenstiel School Marine Science Library
  Veterinary Medicine Libraries, Canada
  Veterinary Medicine Library, University of Illinois/Urbana
  Virtual Library: Agriculture
  Virtual Library for Agricultural Market Information
  Virtual Library in the Biosciences
  Virtual Library of Developmental Biology
  Virtual Library on Genetics
  W.F. Mai Nematology Reference Library, Cornell University
  Watt-Wildlife Photography Library
  Webster Veterinary Library, Tufts University
  Wildlife Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  William S. Richardson Library of Marine Science
  World Environmental Library, Tulane University
  Wrigley Marine Science Center Library, University of Southern California
  WWW Virtual Library of Sustainable Development
   Virtual Library of Ecology and Biodiversity
   Virtual Library of Forestry
   Virtual Library of Oceanography
   Virtual Library of the Environment
   Virtual Library of Cell Biology
   Virtual Library of Gardening
   Virtual Library of Model Organisms
  -Virtual Library of Irrigation
  Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Library
  Zoology Library, University of Toronto


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