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Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)



Resources, Patient Education, and Information:

   Guide to NIH HIV/AIDS Information Services (National Library of Medicine)
- Links to PDF File - Large file
   HIV Infection and AIDS
(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
   New Learning Techniques Improve Global HIV/AIDS Prevention
(National Institute of Mental Health)
     Frequently Asked Questions
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - video files in American Sign Language. Requires RealPlayer plug-in.
   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about HIV and AIDS
(National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention)
   AIDS Drugs Assistance Programs
(AIDS Treatment Data Network)
   Antiretroviral Drugs
   HIV and Its Treatment: What You Should Know
   HIV/AIDS Treatment Guidelines
   Taking Current Antiviral Drugs
(New Mexico AIDS Education and Training Center) - Links to PDF File
   Patient Assistance Programs - HIV/AIDS Drugs
(University of California, San Francisco)
   Can I Get HIV from Getting a Tattoo or through Body Piercing?
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
   Can I Get Infected with HIV from Mosquitoes?
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
   Drug Use and HIV
(New Mexico AIDS Education and Training Center)
   HIV and AIDS: Are You at Risk?
(National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention)
   HIV and AIDS: How to Reduce Your Risk
(American Academy of Family Physicians)
   HIV and Its Transmission
(National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention)
   Primary HIV Infection Associated with Oral Transmission
(National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention)
   CD4 Count
(American Association for Clinical Chemistry)
   Genotypic Resistance Testing
(American Association for Clinical Chemistry)
   Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms
   AIDS Education Global Information System
   AIDS Treatment Data Network
(Dept. of Health and Human Services)
   American Social Health Association
   CDC Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention
(National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention)
   National Institutes of Health, Office of AIDS Research
   NIAID Division of AIDS
(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
   Project Inform
   Medicaid and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection
(Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
   AIDS Epidemic Update - December 2003
(Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, World Health Organization)
   HIV Infection in Women
(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
   What Do You Know about Men's Health? Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS in Men
(National Women's Health Information Center)
   HIV and AIDS
(Nemours Foundation)
   HIV Infection in Adolescents
(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
   HIV: Living With HIV/AIDS
   HIV Vaccine Glossary
   Fuzeon: HIV treatment

News Articles:

   Analysis shows infants of mothers infected with HIV face nearly constant risk for HIV infection for duration of breastfeeding -18-June-2004
   B cells gone bad: Researchers uncover how HIV causes abnormalities in antibody-producing cells -8-September-2004
   Biology could explain reduced HIV infection risk for circumcised men -28-March-2004
   Can gene therapy beat HIV? -13-May-2004
   Despite 'drug cocktail', ICU admissions on the rise for patients with HIV -11-May-2004
   Drinkers more likely to miss doses of HIV meds -7-August-2004
   FDA approves first oral fluid based rapid HIV test kit -27-March-2004
   FDA approves Sculptra (injectable filler to correct facial fat loss) for HIV patients -4-August-2004
   FDA approves two fixed-dose combination drug products for the treatment of HIV-1 infection -3-August-2004
   Fake HIV/AIDS notification letter sent to dozens -24-March-2004
   Free antiretroviral drugs cut Taiwan's HIV transmission rate in half -5-August-2004
   The future of HIV therapeutics is brightening -29-August-2004
   Growth hormone control may be important HIV lipodystrophy treatment -11-July-2004
     HIV/AIDS threatens hill tribes in Laos -17-April-2004
   HIV clinician fatalism hinders 'prevention for positives' counseling -15-July-2004
   HIV drug content in developing countries meets U.S. standards -17-April-2004
   HIV exhausts the immune system through chronic non-specific activation -17-February-2004
   HIV-infected have thicker carotid artery walls—predictor of heart attack & stroke -19-March-2004
   HIV patients get long-term boost with short, intermittent drug regimen -28-April-2004
   HIV-positive US military personnel accidentally vaccinated against smallpox: No adverse effects reported -16-April-2004
   HIV rampant among Lesotho's women -24-July-2004
   Harmless virus associated with longer life for some HIV-positive men -05-March-2004
   HIV prevention schemes neglect partner reduction -9-April-2004
   Increased HIV risk for women with violent male partners -30-April-2004
     Late invasion of infected cells into the brain causes HIV dementia say Temple researchers -6-June-2004
   Libya sentences foreign medics to death over HIV allegations -9-May-2004
   Multivitamins during pregnancy and after birth delay progression of HIV in women -2-July-2004
   National black HIV/AIDS awareness and information day is 7 February 2004
   One in three HIV positive gay men unaware they are infected -1-June-2004
   Rapid HIV testing provides accurate and timely test results for women in labor -11-July-2004
   Researchers identify better hepatitis C treatment for people with HIV -29-July-2004
   Risky sexual behaviors reduced in high-risk adolescents with targeted HIV prevention intervention -11-July-2004
   Russia not taking HIV/AIDS threat seriously, Report says -24-April-2004
   Significant benefits of Fuzeon for wide range of pre-treated HIV/AIDS patients -17-May-2004
   Stable partnership and progression to AIDS or death in HIV infected patients -02-January-2004
   Studies offer new insight into HIV vaccine development -17-February-2004
   Substitution treatment helps prevent spread of HIV among high risk group -18-October-2004
   Swazi HIV rate surpasses Botswana's as world's highest -25-March-2004
   Triple-vaccine strategy stimulates strong HIV-specific immune response in monkeys -10-July-2004
   Two regimens found comparable in preventing perinatal transmission of HIV -11-July-2004
   UNFPA releases guidelines on HIV testing and counseling -22-February-2004
   Up-front cost for treating an HIV-infected patient in Africa is $30 USD per visit -11-July-2004
   Weekly cycles of once-daily anti-HIV Drugs could reduce cost of HIV treatment -23-May-2004


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