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Asthma Center



Resources, Patient Education, and Information:

     Asthma: Cockroaches, asthma, and allergies
     Asthma: How Asthma-Friendly Is Your Child-Care Setting?
     Asthma: Information for schools and parents - The asthma action card
   Asthma: Living with asthma - special concerns for older adults
   Asthma-related Publications and Resources
   Interactive Health Asthma Tutorial (view on-line or print), MEDLINEplus, the National Library of Medicine's consumer-health site
   Focus on Asthma, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (Last updated August 29, 2001)
   School Asthma Education Slide Set, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
   Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD): Teaching Slide Set
   A Presentation on Asthma Management and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control: Asthma Presentation (last reviewed June 23, 2003)

News Articles:

   Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says allergy sufferers need to study -23-March-2004
   Asthma could be several diseases masquerading as one -09-January-2004
       Asthmatic patients with sinusitis more likely to have nasal polyps -19-September-2004
   Cell associated with asthma linked to tobacco smoke -26-April-2004
   Customized program reduces asthma-related illness in inner-city children -10-September-2004
   Domestic solvents, cleaning products may increase childhood asthma risk -27-August-2004
   Early childhood ear infections linked to asthma -11-May-2004
   Environment and diet may explain different rates of asthma -31-August-2004
   Ethnicity may affect allergies in children with asthma -14-January-2004
   Genetics play role in response to most common asthma drug -23-October-2004
   Greater acetaminophen use can lead to newly diagnosed asthma in women -26-March-2004
   Ingredient in asthma inhaler drug may counteract inhaler benefits -24-March-2004
     Low activity levels found among children with asthma due to parental health beliefs -5-April-2004
     Mayo Clinic researchers define link between eosinophils and asthma -17-September-2004
     New diagnostic test for asthma -18-February-2004
   No asthma exacerbation help from children's flu vaccination -18-February-2004
   Parents' anti-asthma efforts may miss the mark -17-August-2004
   Planned-care method" of asthma care reduces kids' symptoms -6-September-2004
     RSV can increase the risk of asthma -29-June-2004
   Regular use of asthma drugs poses respiratory, cardiac dangers -18-June-2004
   Respiratory therapists twice as likely to have asthma than other therapists -12-October-2004
   Three-fourths of children with asthma unprepared for an exercise-induced bronchospasm -9-July-2004
   Vital amino acid levels lower in asthmatics -15-July-2004
   Yale researchers discover new potential asthma therapeutic targets related to parasites and insects -13-June-2004


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