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Ex Libris
Internal Medicine Associations

  Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education  
  Administrators of Internal Medicine  
  American Association of Poison Control Centers  
  American Board of Internal Medicine  
  American Board of Medical Specialties  
  American Cancer Society  
  American College of Physicians/American Society of Internal Medicine  
  American Heart Association  
  American Medical Association  
  Association of Professors of Medicine  
  Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine  
  Association of Subspecialty Professors  
  Canadian Society of Internal Medicine  
  Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine  
  Council of Medical Specialty Societies  
  Federation of State Medical Boards  
  Internal Medicine Society of Australia & New Zealand  
  Internal Medicine Student Society  
  International Society of Internal Medicine  
  Links to State Medical Societies  
  National Board of Medical Examiners  
  National Study of Graduate Education in Internal Medicine  
  Society for Adolescent Medicine  
  Society of General Internal Medicine  

Government Agencies and Programs
  National Health Information Center  
  National Institute of General Medical Sciences  
  National Institutes of Health  


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