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Nutrition Sites (US Government And International Organizations)

US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

   United States Department of Agriculture: the main home page, off which comes the many departments which are listed below.
USDA: Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center
   Part of USDA. Provides information on mission, activities and personnel under the Centre's various units and labs, such as food composition, diet and human performance, carotenoids, food survey research etc.
USDA: Food and Consumer Service
  A major force in the US government in school nutrition and the campaign against hunger in American schools. "The Food and Consumer Service administers the nutrition assistance programs of the U.S.Department of Agriculture. FCS's goals are to provide needy people with access to a more nutritious diet, to improve the eating habits of the nation's children, and to stabilize farm prices through the distribution of surplus foods."

The web site has information on such projects as:

In addition to all this, there is also a searchable library of the Service's on-line (browsable or downloadable) documents.
USDA: Food Survey Research Group
   Part of Agricultural Research Service, USDA. Site contains information on the group, its activities, and its mailing list (Survey). Short summaries of results from its various national dietary surveys, together with a bibliography of material using this data. Also some links to other government sites.
USDA: Center for Nutrition Policy Promotion
   "created in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, December 1, 1994, with the overall mission to improve the nutritional status of Americans by linking scientific research to the consumer". This page has information on dietary guidelines, food pyramid etc., both lay resources and background documents.
USDA: Cooperative State Research, Extension Service
   Information and support services for agricultural universities and cooperative extension.
USDA: Food Safety and Inspection Service
  Organisational information plus some of their lay publications, news and "Food Safety Educator" newsletter.
USDA: National Agricultural Library
   One of the major sources of nutrition information in the USA, and one that makes a major contribution to Internet nutrition resources. You can have access to their ISIS data base, if you have telnet capability.
USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory
  Entry point for learning about the NDL, getting the news on its activities and searching the USDA food tables.
USDA: Food Nutrition Information Center
   Access to lots of information on nutrition resources, lay publications, Nat.Agric.Library, dietary guidelines (and full report of that committee), food labelling and food illness.

US Department of Health and Human Services

US Department of Health and Human Services
   The main home page of the DHSS, from which you can locate its many agencies, most of which have relevance to nutrition in one way or another:
  • Administration for Children and Families,
  • Administration on Aging
  • Agency for Health Care Policy and Research,
  • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Health Care Financing Administration,
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (see below)
  • Indian Health Service
  • National Institutes of Health (see below)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  Some information on their various projects and publications, including Prevention Guidelines, Women's Health and health of teenagers.
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
   A part of the FDA. Their site is extensive and offers public health material as well as program and legislative information and food safety and food science resources. The web site includes:

Information on:

  • Consumer Advice
  • Industry Assistance
  • Material for Educators
  • Women's Health
  • Press Announcements and Congressional Testimony
  • National Food Safety Initiative
Programs in:
  • Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics
  • Food Additives and Premarket Approval
  • Foodborne Illness and Bad Bug Book (Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins)
  • Food Labeling, Nutrition and Dietary Supplement information
  • Imports, Exports, Inspections and HACCP
  • Pesticides and Chemical Contaminants
  • Seafood with a Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (Fish Images)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
   Their main home page, with many branches underneath it. The main food related agency is the Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition (see entry above)
Health Resources and Services Administration
  Part of the DHHS which operates the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the Bureau of Primary Health Care, the Office of Rural Health Policy and the Office of Rural Health Policy. Unfortunately there does not seem much nutrition or dietetic input on the web pages at least.
Indian Health Service
  Includes reports on health indicators in Native Americans.
Health Resources and Services Administration
  Part of the DHHS which operates the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the Bureau of Primary Health Care, the Office of Rural Health Policy and the Office of Rural Health Policy. Unfortunately there does not seem much nutrition or dietetic input on the web pages at least.
National Center for Health Statistics
  News releases, reports, Fedstats, surveys and data collection systems, including anthropometry and nutrition surveys, such as NHANES

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  The main home page to branch out into the many nutritional resources held by the premier government funded medical research body in the USA. The page gives access to:

NIH: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
  The parent body has a number of programs and sections relating to nutrition, including: The Nutritional Sciences branch in turn has several specific research programs going, including:
  • Nutrient Metabolism Program
  • Obesity and Eating Disorders Program
  • Clinical Nutrition Research Units Program
  • Obesity/Nutrition Research Centers Program
  • U.S.-Japan Malnutrition Panel.
This page, however, only has overview information and email contact for the principles of these areas, no web pages for the programs themselves.
For a complete listing of NIH nutrition and obesity nutrition research units, click here
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements
  Web site offers "information about the Office of Dietary Supplements, including its origins, programs and activities, and scientific resources". At present, the emphasis is on information about the Office and its projects, rather than resources themselves, but in the making are the ODS data bases..

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  Information on the organisation and its research interests, which includes nutritional toxicology, e.g.lead and mercury poisoning.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine: National Institutes of Health
  Formerly the Office of Alternative Medicine, resources include:

Other US and state government nutrition

American Health Organizations data base
  Very useful resource which has a huge data base of American health organisations - government, medical, NGO and industry. The real strength lies in the ability to search by name in the title, keyword, and by whether they have web or email contact details as well as the normal description and physical contact information. The only limitation is that in many cases the web link details are not provided even where there is one.
US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry
   Membership, with link to their main site, which has information on legislation, press releases, hearings, government links and committee briefs. There is also another web site with rules and jurisdiction.

Colorado Department of Education: Child Nutrition Unit
   Description of the unit and its education and other activities. A poster and some educational material.
Environmental Protection Agency
   No specific nutrition section but has a search engine to locate relevant material.
Institute of Medicine Food and Nutrition Board
  Information about the Board and its work on DRIs and links to some of its reports.

Canadian government

Ministry of Agriculture: Agrifood
  Electronic information service from the Ministry of Agriculture. Has an enormous amount of material relating to law, current conditions, the Agriweb data base, and numerous publications. All in all, an exemplary government web site.

Health Canada
  There are a number of ways to access the many food and nutrition resources that Health Canada has on-line, including national reports and resources for both lay and health professionals and nutrition educators.

These include:

In reality, this is only a part of what is on offer. An excellent site.

The Green Lane: Environment Canada
  Information on various nutrition-related issues on this well designed government web site, including Inuit od supply, purity of water, fish stocks etc. Use the search engine to look up "nutrition".
Health Canada Nutrition Program Unit
  Information about various nutrition monitoring programs.
National Institute of Nutrition
  Information on the organisation and on public health nutrition in Canada. Sections on consumer trends, access to several newsletters, scientific reports and educational resources. Has a subject index. There are still some technical bugs to iron out in this site, but it has much promise.
British Columbia Ministry Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
  Information on food legislation and food industry development policies.
Ministry of Agriculture. Fisheries and Nutrition (Quebec)
   Content in French.


Australian Centre for International & Tropical Health & Nutrition
  Strong public health and Asia-Pacific focus in research and teaching. Offers Master of Community Nutrition degree, with an international and publilc health perspective.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  Does research into the health and social security systems. Their site has some excellent on-lien publications on these topics, including lots of public health nutrition information.

Australia New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA)
  The regulatory advisory body serving the two Australasian governments. The site has Information on what it does and its internal structure, as well as information circulars and their newsletter Food Regulation Review. See also the relevant authorising legislation, and the legislative provision for the inclusion of New Zealand in this organisation.

CSIRO Division of Human Nutrition
  Information about the Division, search engine for CSIRO public documents, some nutrition related links.
CSIRO Division of Food Science and Technology
   Information on the CSIRO and on this Division.
Commonwealth Dpt. of Human Services and Health

Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy: PIEnet
  Responsibilities include quarantine and therefore food safety, as well as agriculture. Some useful on-line reports on microbial food safety, agribusiness etc. The web site (PIEnet) is searchable.
National Health & Medical Research Council
   Organisational details, current publications and draft documents for public consultation (not many up as yet).
Food Victoria
   "Food Victoria is a major initiative of the Victorian State Government which brings together key personnel from industry and government to increase the international competitiveness of the food and food processing industries." Plain text departmental details only.
Victorian Health Department: Public Health Branch
   A range of activities described and documents on-line. This includes report into health status of Victorians, the Division's newsletter HealthFocus, and the full text of a review of antioxidant supplementation.
  Web site of the health promotion organisation that the Victorian government funds in part from cigarette taxes, it is active in various fields of health promotion, including nutrition, anti-smoking and providing Internet resources for health promotion. It has a good search engine for Victorian government and other web resources.
Public Health Dpt, Western Australia
  Some focus on public health nutrition, including alcohol abuse, folate and general lay nutrition information leaflets.

NZ Ministry of Health: Public Health Group
  Responsible for a lot of NZ's national food policy, this web site has access to a number of full text .pdf format reports on nutrition and health guidelines, including for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Ministray of Agriculture and Fisheries: New Zealand
  A lively and interesting web site, with news releases, special sections on particular industries (e.g. meat, dairy, seafood etc. and links.


European Commission: Europa
   Europa is the name given to the EC's web server. It has a WAIS Search engine to help locate the many documents related to public health nutrition, food law, agriculture etc.
Ministries of Agriculture in Europe
  The following is a list of some of these government departments:
  • Austria: Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: has English section
  • Belgium: including Agricultural Research Institute
  • Finland: entirely in Finnish
  • France: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: has a special section on food
  • Germany: Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture and Forests: see German section
  • Holland: Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries: has an English section.
  • Ireland: Dpt. Agriculture and Food: good links to other European sites.
  • Italy: Ministero per le Politiche Agricole: entirely in Italian.
  • Lithuania: ÞEMËS ÛKIO MINISTERIJOS: barest of information.
  • Malta:: Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries: in English.
  • Morocco: there is also a Ministry of Ocean Fisheries
  • Spain: Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación: in Spanish, with links, reports and publications.
  • Sweden: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

    Central America: Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP)
      Organiation doing public health and epidemiological work as collaborative effort of governments of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. Site in Spanish and English versions has organisational and project information.

    Croatia: Institute for Medical Research:Laboratory of Mineral Metabolism
      Plain text, brief outline of their research interests in mineral toxicology.
    Denmark: National Food Agency
      Links, publications, and other organisational information all in Danish.
    France: Le ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche
      In French, this government web site has information on food and agriculture industryin France, and on research and other government progams in this area, There are some publications available as well, for example in the food safety area.

    German Federal Research Centre for Nutrition
       Mainly organisation information.
    India: National Institute of Nutrition
      Information on objectives and research interests.
    Italy: Istituto Nazionale della Nutrizione
    Japan: National Institute of Health and Nutrition: Division of Food Science
      Organisational information.
    Japan: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
      Information in English
    Malaysia: Agrolink (Dpt.Agriculture)
      Information on agriculture in Malaysia, food technology, crop reports, legislative issues, pesticide regulation and safety etc.
    Malaysian Institute of Medical Research: Human Nutrition Division
      A long, detailed and informative home page with material not only on who they are and what they do, but also on the results of many of their studies and projects. For example, vitamin A and iron supplementation. There are also links to material on food composition of local foods.
    Mexico: Instituto Nacional de la Nutricion
      Information about the organisation and the courses it offers. Web pages are in Spanish and English.
    Sweden: Center for Nutrition and Toxicology
       Within the Karolinska Institutet of the Department of Biosciences this organisation has joint affiliations, being partly university teaching and part government research institution. It "performs research on nutrition and toxicology using molecular biology techniques, and provides education on preventive nutrition, nutritional toxicology and molecular biology, thereby constituting an interface between scientists and the rest of society."

    The site has organisational information, a few links, information on meetings and a list of staffs' published papers, web pages for its many individual units, of which the two directly nutritional ones are the Unit for Molecular Nutrition and the Unit for Preventive Nutrition.

    Switzerland: Swiss Nutrition Foundation: Schweizerischen Vereinigung für Ernährung
      News, nutrition analysis (has cost), information on their organisation and their publications, Q&A, book reviews, conference and meeting calendar.
    UK: Medical Research Council Dunn Nutrition Centre
      Organisational history and details about this prestigious English Nutrition research unit. Also access to abstracts of their staff's published research papers.
    Swedish National Food Administration
      Most of the web site is in Swedish, although there is one English page. Press releases, organisational information, links, course catalogue, gene technology section etc.
    Taiwan: Department of Health: food sanitation and dietetics in Taiwan
      Part of a general manual on how the department works with health in Taiwan.The chapter has material on deitetics, education and food regulation.
    Thailand: Research Institute for Health Sciences
      There is a nutritoin and dietary services division, but no information about it on this web page.
    Thailand: Institute of Nutrition
      Brief information and a picture of the building is all that is available here at present.

    OECD: Organisation for Economic Development
       Information about the organisation and access to resources such as economic and country reports.
       Epidemiological and world health reports, as well as organisational information.
    WHO - Division of Food and Nutrition
       Home to the Food Safety and Nutrition Programs, both of which have their own sites.
       For details of this major site, see its listing under Agricultural organisations. There is a home page for the Food and Nutrition Division, but this is only an organisational page. The real value of the FAO site in nutrition comes from the nutrition resources section.

    World Agricultural Information Center (FAO)
       An FAO project to make information on its agricutural and nutrition projects more widely available. There is also another nutrition web page which has material on the CODEX, various papers and conference reports.
    United Nations
      Some statistical tables, news releases, search engine within its own on-line documents as well as organisational information.
    UN ACC Sub-Committee on Nutrition
      About the committee and its work, particularly in relation to the world perspective on nutrition status, poverty, refugee nutrition etc. The site has links, a newsletter SCN News, information about The Nutrition Commission and information on its latest publications, which include:

    World Food Programme (UN)
      "WFP is the frontline United Nations organization fighting to eradicate world hunger...the world's largest international food aid organization". The web site has lots of statistics, news about current famine and other food crises, other organisations working in the food security area etc. It also has a Catalogue of Institutions with Expertise in Food Assistance. There is a lot of information here and this site is well worth spending time on.

    The United Nations University: Tokyo
      Frame based home page to learn about the Tokyo branch of the university, its main projects and programs, fellowships, publications etc. There are specific pages devoted to the Food and Nutrition Program, and its nutrition and food composition related journals.
    United Nations University Food and Nutrition Programme: Boston
      Information (including an on-line brochure) about the program and access to other home pages and publications about its main projects, such as: There is another web site for this program, which has Has links to pages and reports on projects such:
    • Improving the Availability of Food Composition and Dietary Intake Data in Developing Countries
    • Overcoming Critical Micronutrient Deficiencies
    • Identifying, Evaluating and Preventing the Continuing Global Problem of Energy and Protein Malnutrition
    • The Design, Evaluation, and Improvement of Nutrition and Health Programmes,
    • Improving Traditional Food Fermentation and Food Technology.

    There is also a link to their Tokyo branch

      Apart from information on the organisation itself (including email addresses for its staff), UNICEF's web site has news and material on the health status of the world's children which has a strong natural focus on nutrition issues, particularly vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, food fortification and supplementation projects.

    The site has a number of on-line versions or summaries of UNICEF publications (in various formats, such as html, pdf Acrobat and plain text gopher versions):

    There is also a search engine.

    World Bank
      There is also a World Bank gopher site.

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