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Patient Education Web Sites

  Age Pages

   Brochures and factsheets for older adults, covering topics on diseases, health promotion and prevention.

American Cancer Society

   The most comprehensive site for information on cancer, treatment, alternative methods and research.

American Lyme Disease Foundation

   The American Lyme Disease Foundation supports research and plays a key role in providing reliable and scientifically accurate information to the public and health care providers.

America's Doctor

   An Internet-based, health information and resource site designed to assist consumers with their health information inquiries. The site says it is the only medical/health Internet site to offer private, real-time, chats with board-certified, board-eligible physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost to the consumer. A Modern Herbal

  First published in 1931, the database covers more than 800 plants.


   Non-profit organization to provide information through counseling, education and referral. Information is available both in English and Spanish.


   A service of the National Cancer Institute with information about all types of cancer, coping with cancer, clinical trials, treatment options and support and resources.

Center for Mental Health Services

   This website also has information in Spanish and provides links to mental health websites and government publications. Visit the Kids Area for games and mental health websites for children.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

   Informative site for anything regarding public health, travel, vaccine updates, influenza, seat belts, facts on diseases and much more.


   Information about childbirth, with the emphasis that childbirth is a natural process and not a medical procedure. Also information on pregnancy, fertility and baby, infant and childcare.

Clinical Trials

   NIH information for patients and family members regarding clinical research studies.

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

   Weekly features, news updates, clinical trials and how to find a doctor.

Dr. C. Everett Koop

   Regular features on mental health, weight loss, latest medical news, alternative medicine and drug information.

Dr. Susan Love's Website for Women

   Website by one of the leading experts in breast cancer, dealing with all aspects of breast cancer, medical, social and pychological.

Food Safety and Nutrition

   Every aspect of food is covered, from scientific reporting, oral health, food labeling, allergies and asthma to functional foods and food irradiation.


   The Spanish online resource for women's health and well-being.

Go ask Alice!

   Program from Columbia University's Health Education Program. The mission of Go Ask Alice! is to provide factual, in-depth, straight-forward, and nonjudgmental information to assist readers' decision-making about their physical, sexual, emotional, and spiritual health.


   A free gateway to reliable consumer information developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

HealthOasis Mayo Clinic

   This site is directed by a team of Mayo physicians, scientists, writers and educators, and is updated each weekday to bring you the most relevant health information.

Herb Research Foundation

   Includes a detailed library, herbal greenpapers, and a botanical photogallery.


   Detailed information about specific health topics with access to expert advice from a medical advisory board and up-to-date health news. Also has discussion forums, hundreds of animations and videos, a HealthAlert email newsletter and offers from sponsors.

HIV in Site, a gateway to HIV knowledge.

   Both in English and Spanish. A comprehensive site selected as one of the major AIDS/HIV web sites.


   Sponsored by the Sexual Health Foundation Council of the American Foundation for Urologic Diseases with information about diagnosis, treatment, information for partners and other links and resources.

Information from your Family Doctor

   Health information handouts and self-care flowcharts from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

JAMA Patient Page

  The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) features a weekly health information page designed specifically for America's patients. Each week, a single page within JAMA will be dedicated to covering a public health topic from an article in that particular issue. The goal of the page is to help increase doctor-patient communication.

JAMA Women's Health

   Peer reviewed resources, including information on sexually transmitted diseases and contraception

Low Literacy Patient Handouts

   The handouts are written in clear, simple language and make use of a number of drawings for those who cannot read well.

March of Dimes

   Information with a focus on reducing birth defects and infant mortality.


   Information on chronic conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis or lupus. All information has to pass a rigorous clinical review process before being displayed.


   This is the very best consumer health website with a wealth of information and links to hundreds of diseases, conditions and wellness issues.

The Men's Health Network

   The library offers a superb set of links to topics ranging from circumcision to prostate cancer to domestic violence.

National Deaf Education Network and Clearinghouse

  Up-to-date, objective information on hearing loss between the ages of 0 to 21, for parents and educators, both medical and social aspects.

National Institutes of Health Consumer Health Information

  Information on many conditions and diseases from various government agencies, some in Spanish.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

   Provides information about multiple sclerosis, local resources and educational programs.

National Women's Health Information Center

   Everything from pregnancy, birth control to hormone replacement therapy. Good links to agencies, related groups and newsletters.

New York Online Access to Health

   Many health topics on common diseases written in both English and Spanish, sponsored by the Metropolitan New York Library Council, medical and public libraries.

Pediatrics Network for Parents and Professionals.

   Focus on child wellness, food safety, recall issues and vaccination planner.


   A pediatric information library offering information on drugs, poison control, diseases and hospitals.


   A guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent decisions operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D. Many links to questionable products and services. Specific questions may also be submitted by email.

Symptom Checker

  From the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide. At the end of the path, the system recommends whether patients should call their physicians.

Women's Health

   For women, focusing on maternal and child health, reproductive issues and many links to health and disease. Information is also available in Japanese.

Yale University School of Medicine Heartbook

  Online textbook with literally everything on heart diseases in layman's language.


   Search the site's library for well-known patient education handouts from Clinical Reference Services, plus listen to selections from the audio health library, read transcripts, find recipes and chat online with the "Internist On Call".

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