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Psychology Journals



  Action Research  
  Action Research International  
  Activities, Adaptation and Aging  
  Adaptive Behavior  
  Addiction Abstracts  
  Addiction Biology  
  Addiction Research & Theory  
  ADHD Report  
  Administration and Policy in Mental Health  
  Aggressive Behavior  
  Aging and Mental Health  
  Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition  
  AIDS and Behavior  
  American Behavioral Scientist  
  American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis  
  American Journal of Community Psychology  
  American Journal of Dance Therapy  
  American Journal of Evaluation  
  American Journal of Family Therapy   
  American Journal of Health Behavior  
  American Journal of Pastoral Counseling  
  American Journal of Psychology  
  American Journal of Psychotherapy  
  American Journal on Addictions  
  American Journal on Mental Retardation  
  American Psychoanalyst  
  American Psychologist  
  Annals of Behavioral Medicine  
  Annual Review of Psychology  
  Anxiety, Stress and Coping  
  Applied and Preventive Psychology  
  Applied Cognitive Psychology  
  Applied Developmental Science  
  Applied Measurement in Education  
  Applied Neuropsychology   
  Applied Psycholinguistics  
  Applied Psychological Measurement  
  Applied Psychology  
  Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback  
  APS Observer (American Psychological Society)  
  Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology  
  Archives of Women’s Mental Health  
  Asian Journal of Social Psychology  
  Attachment & Human Development  
  Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy  
  Australian Journal of Psychology  
  Australian Psychologist  
  Basic and Applied Social Psychology   
  Behavior Analyst  
  Behavior and Philosophy  
  Behavior Modification  
  Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers  
  Behavior Therapist  
  Behavior Therapy  
  Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
  Behavioral Medicine    
  Behavioral Neuroscience  
  Behavioral Sciences & the Law  
  Behavioral Sleep Medicine   
  Behaviour Research & Theory  
  Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy   
  Behavioural Processes  
  Bilingualism: Language and Cognition  
  Biological Psychology  
  Brain and Mind  
  Brain, Behavior and Evolution   
  British Journal of Clinical Psychology  
  British Journal of Developmental Disabilities  
  British Journal of Developmental Psychology  
  British Journal of Educational Psychology  
  British Journal of Guidance and Counseling   
  British Journal of Health Psychology  
  British Journal of Learning Disabilities  
  British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology  
  British Journal of Psychology  
  British Journal of Psychotherapy  
  British Journal of Social Psychology  
  Bulletin of the Australian College of Clinical Psychologists  
  Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science  
  Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology  
  Canadian Psychology  
  Cerebral Cortex  
  Chemical Senses  
  Child & Family Behavior Therapy  
  Child Abuse & Neglect  
  Child Abuse Review  
  Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal  
  Child and Youth Care Forum  
  Child Development  
  Child Maltreatment  
  Child Neuropsychology  
  Child Psychology and Psychiatry Review   
  Child: Care, Health & Development  
  Children and Youth Services Review  
  Children’s Services  
  Clinical Case Studies  
  Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review  
  Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry  
  Clinical Neuropsychologist  
  Clinical Psychology  
  Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy  
  Clinical Psychology Review  
  Clinician's Research Digest  
  Cognition and Emotion   
  Cognition and Instruction   
  Cognitive & Behavioral Neurology  
  Cognitive and Behavioral Practice  
  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  
  Cognitive Neuropsychology   
  Cognitive Psychology  
  Cognitive Systems Research  
  Cognitive Therapy and Research  
  Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience  
  Communication Research  
  Computers in Human Behavior  
  Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research  
  Contemporary Educational Psychology  
  Contemporary Hypnosis  
  Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books  
  Counseling & Clinical Psychology Journal  
  Counseling Psychologist  
  Counseling Psychology Quarterly   
  Creativity Research Journal  
  Crime & Delinquency  
  Criminal Justice & Behavior  
  Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Treatment  
  Cross-Cultural Research  
  Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology  
  Culture and Psychology  
  Current Directions in Psychological Science  
  Current Research in Social Psychology  
  Cyber Psychology and Behavior  
  Cybernetics and Human Knowing  
  Death Studies  
  Developmental Neuropsychology   
  Developmental Psychobiology  
  Developmental Psychology  
  Developmental Review  
  Deviant Behavior  
  Discourse Processes   
  Drug and Alcohol Review  
  Dynamical Psychology  
  Early Child Development & Care  
  Early Childhood Education Journal  
  Early Childhood Research Quarterly  
  Eating Disorders   
  Ecological Psychology  
  Educational & Psychological Measurement  
  Educational Assessment   
  Educational Gerontology   
  Educational Psychologist  
  Educational Psychology  
  Educational Psychology in Practice  
  Educational Psychology Review  
  Electronic Journal of Communicative Psychoanalysis  
  Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties  
  Environment and Behavior  
  Ethical Human Sciences and Services  
  Ethics & Behavior   
  European Eating Disorders Review  
  European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis  
  European Journal of Cognitive Psychology  
  European Journal of Criminology  
  European Journal of Psychological Assessment  
  European Journal of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Health    
  European Journal of Social Psychology  
  European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology   
  European Psychologist  
  European Review of Social Psychology  
  Evaluation and Program Planning  
  Evolution and Human Behavior  
  Experimental Aging Research   
  Experimental Psychology  
  Family Journal  
  Feminism & Psychology  
  Gender & Society  
  Genetic, Social and General Psychology Monographs  
  Gestalt Review  
  Gestalt Theory  
  Group Analysis  
  Group Dynamics: Therapy, Research, and Practice  
  Group Processes & Intergroup Relations  
  Harvard Brain  
  Health Education & Behavior  
  Health Psychology    
  Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science  
  History of Psychology  
  History of the Human Sciences  
  Homicide Studies  
  Human Development  
  Human Givens  
  Human Organization    
  Human Performance   
  Human Relations  
  Humanistic Psychology  
  Illness, Crisis & Loss  
  Indian Psychological Abstracts and Reviews  
  Individual Differences Research  
  Industrial-Organizational Psychologist  
  Infant Behavior and Development  
  Instructional Science  
  International Drug Therapy Newsletter  
  International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling  
  International Journal for the Psychology of Religion  
  International Journal of Action Methods, Psychodrama  
  International Journal of Aviation Psychology  
  International Journal of Behavioral Development  
  International Journal of Behavioral Medicine   
  International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis  
  International Journal of Cognitive Ergonomics   
  International Journal of Group Psychotherapy  
  International Journal of Group Tensions  
  International Journal of Intercultural Relations  
  International Journal of Obesity  
  International Journal of Offender Therapy  
  International Journal of Psychology   
  International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation  
  International Journal of Rehabilitation and Health  
  International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies  
  International Journal of Stress Management  
  International Journal of Testing   
  International Journal of Transgenderism  
  Journal for Specialists in Group Work  
  Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour  
  Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology  
  Journal of Abnormal Psychology  
  Journal of Adolescence  
  Journal of Adolescent Health  
  Journal of Adolescent Research  
  Journal of Adult Development  
  Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma  
  Journal of Aging & Health  
  Journal of Aging and Identity  
  Journal of Analytical Psychology  
  Journal of Anxiety Disorders  
  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis  
  Journal of Applied Behavioral Science  
  Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology  
  Journal of Applied Psychology  
  Journal of Applied Sport Psychology   
  Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders  
  Journal of Behavioral Decision Making  
  Journal of Behavioral Education  
  Journal of Behavioral Health Sciences & Research  
  Journal of Behavioral Medicine  
  Journal of Black Psychology  
  Journal of Brief Therapy  
  Journal of Business and Psychology  
  Journal of Child and Family Studies  
  Journal of Child Language  
  Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry & Allied Disciplines  
  Journal of Child Sexual Abuse  
  Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology  
  Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology  
  Journal of Clinical Geropsychology  
  Journal of Clinical Psychology  
  Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings  
  Journal of Cognition and Development   
  Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy  
  Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation  
  Journal of College Student Psychotherapy  
  Journal of Communication Disorders  
  Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology  
  Journal of Community Psychology  
  Journal of Comparative Psychology  
  Journal of Conflict Resolution  
  Journal of Consciousness Studies  
  Journal of Constructivist Psychology  
  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology  
  Journal of Consumer Psychology  
  Journal of Counseling Psychology  
  Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology  
  Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities  
  Journal of Divorce & Remarriage  
  Journal of Early Adolescence  
  Journal of Early Childhood Literacy  
  Journal of Economic Psychology  
  Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation  
  Journal of Educational Psychology  
  Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect  
  Journal of Emotional Abuse  
  Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders  
  Journal of Environmental Psychology  
  Journal of Experimental Child Psychology  
  Journal of Experimental Psych.: Human Perception and Performance  
  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes  
  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied  
  Journal of Experimental Psychology: General  
  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition  
  Journal of Family and Economic Issues  
  Journal of Family Communication   
  Journal of Family Psychotherapy  
  Journal of Family Therapy  
  Journal of Family Violence  
  Journal of Feminist Family Therapy  
  Journal of Forensic Neuropsychology  
  Journal of Gambling Studies  
  Journal of Gay & Lesbian Psychotherapy  
  Journal of General Psychology  
  Journal of Genetic Counseling  
  Journal of Genetic Psychology  
  Journal of Happiness Studies  
  Journal of Health Psychology  
  Journal of Homosexuality  
  Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment  
  Journal of Individual Psychology  
  Journal of Interpersonal Violence  
  Journal of Language and Social Psychology  
  Journal of Learning Disabilities  
  Journal of Lesbian Studies:  
  Journal of Loss and Trauma  
  Journal of Managerial Psychology  
  Journal of Mathematical Psychology  
  Journal of Memetics  
  Journal of Memory and Language  
  Journal of Mental Health and Aging  
  Journal of Mind and Behavior  
  Journal of Near-Death Studies  
  Journal of Nonverbal Behavior  
  Journal of Parapsychology  
  Journal of Pediatric Psychology  
  Journal of Personality  
  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  
  Journal of Personality Assessment  
  Journal of Personality Disorders  
  Journal of Poetry Therapy  
  Journal of Primary Prevention  
  Journal of Psychoactive Drugs  
  Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment  
  Journal of Psychohistory  
  Journal of Psycholinguistic Research  
  Journal of Psychology  
  Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality  
  Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences  
  Journal of Psychophysiology  
  Journal of Psychosocial Nursing  
  Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy  
  Journal of Regression Therapy  
  Journal of Religion and Health  
  Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology   
  Journal of Research in Personality  
  Journal of Research on Adolescence   
  Journal of Rural Community Psychology  
  Journal of Russian and East European Psychology  
  Journal of School Psychology  
  Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy   
  Journal of Sex Research  
  Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology  
  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships  
  Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless  
  Journal of Social Psychology  
  Journal of Substance Abuse  
  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment  
  Journal of Technology in Counseling  
  Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research  
  Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior  
  Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology  
  Journal of Trauma and Dissociation  
  Journal of Traumatic Stress  
  Journal of Youth and Adolescence  
  Language Acquisition   
  Language and Cognitive Processes  
  Law and Human Behavior  
  Learning and Individual Differences  
  Learning and Instruction  
  Learning and Memory  
  Learning Environments Research  
  Loss, Grief & Care  
  Marriage & Family Review  
  Media Psychology  
  Memory & Cognition  
  Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews  
  Metaphor and Symbol  
  Methods of Psychological Research  
  Military Psychology  
  Mind & Language  
  Mind, Culture, and Activity   
  Motivation and Emotion  
  Multivariate Behavioral Research   
  National Psychologist  
  Neuropsychological Rehabilitation  
  Neuropsychology Abstracts  
  Neuropsychology Review   
  Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews  
  Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology  
  Noetica: A Cognitive Science Forum  
  Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences  
  North American Journal of Psychology  
  Pastoral Psychology  
  Perception & Psychophysics  
  Perception Online  
  Personal Relationships  
  Personality and Individual Differences  
  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin  
  Personality and Social Psychology Review  
  Personnel Psychology  
  Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences  
  Philosophical Psychology  
  Physiology & Behavior  
  Political Psychology  
  Population and Environment  
  Prevention Science  
  Professional School Counseling  
  Psychiatric Bulletin  
  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal  
  Psychiatry Psychology and Law  
  Psychoanalytic Social Work  
  Psychoanalytic Studies  
  Psychological Assessment  
  Psychological Bulletin  
  Psychological Inquiry   
  Psychological Medicine    
  Psychological Methods  
  Psychological Perspectives  
  Psychological Research  
  Psychological Science in the Public Interest  
  Psychology and Aging  
  Psychology and Developing Societies  
  Psychology and Marketing  
  Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice  
  Psychology Health and Medicine   
  Psychology in the Schools  
  Psychology of Men & Masculinity  
  Psychology of Sport and Exercise  
  Psychology of Women Quarterly  
  Psychology Today  
  Psychology, Crime and Law  
  Psychology, Public Policy, and Law  
  Psychonomic Bulletin & Review  
  Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology  
  Radical Psychology  
  Reflective Practice   
  Research in Developmental Disabilities  
  Research on Language and Social Interaction   
  Residential Treatment for Children & Youth  
  Review of General Psychology  
  Scandinavian Journal of Psychology  
  Scandinavian Psychoanalytic Review  
  School Psychology International  
  School Psychology Quarterly  
  Self and Identity   
  Sex Education  
  Sex Roles  
  Sexual Abuse: Journal of Research and Treatment  
  Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity  
  Sexual and Relationship Therapy  
  Sexuality and Culture  
  Sexuality and Disability  
  Small Group Research  
  Social Behavior and Personality  
  Social Cognition  
  Social Forces  
  Social Indicators Research  
  Social Psychology of Education  
  Social Psychology Quarterly  
  Studies in Gender and Sexuality  
  Substance Abuse  
  Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior  
  Swiss Journal of Psychology  
  Teaching of Psychology  
  Theory & Psychology  
  Thinking & Reasoning   
  TRANS Revue de Psychanalyse  
  Trauma, Violence & Abuse  
  Violence Against Women  
  Violence and Victims  
  Visual Cognition  
  Women & Therapy  
  Work & Stress  
  Zeitgeist: The Student Journal of Psychology  


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