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Ex Libris
Public Health

  American Public Health Association: Public Health Links  
  CDC WONDER: Data System for Information Retrieval on Public Health, CDC  
  Core Health Data Initiative Country Profiles, Pan American Region  
  Country Studies and Area Books, Library of Congress  
  Demographic and Health Surveys, US Agency for International Development  
  Global Health: Extensive Link Menu by Topic  
  HealthWeb: Public Health: Health Statistics  
  HealthWeb: Schools of Public Health  
  Infonation: Choose Countries for Data Resources  
  International Data Base, US Census Bureau  
  International Network for the History of Public Health  
  International Public HealthWatch  
  Links to National Health-Related Web sites  
  Links to Sources of Health Information, WHO  
  Martindale's Health Science Guide: Public Health Center  
  POPLINE: National Library of Medicine, Population Health Data  
  Public Health Data for the UK  
  Public Health Data Sites Index  
  Public Health Data Sources and Assessment Tools  
  Public Health Information Links By Country  
  Public Health Resources on the Internet, UC Berkeley  
  State Public Health Association Links  
  State Public Health Associations, US  
  U.S. Public Health Departments by State  
  U.S. State Public Health Associations Database  
  Unravel the Web: Public Health Information Sources  
  World Bank Group Database of Countries and Regions  
  World Health Organization: International Data and Statistics  
  WWW Virtual Library: Public Health Topics  

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