Volume 9 Issue 165
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Kidney failure: Choosing a treatment that's right for you

Provides a broad overview of the treatment options for a person facing kidney failure. Introduces hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation with a general description of each method and a list of pros and cons. Concludes with a list of resources for more information. more  

Treatment methods for kidney failure: Hemodialysis

Details the procedures and equipment involved in hemodialysis. Explains vascular access and dietary issues. Briefly describes some of the complications of kidney failure. Lists resources for additional information. more

Treatment methods for kidney failure: Peritoneal dialysis

Describes the procedures and supplies required for peritoneal dialysis (PD). Explains the differences between ambulatory and automated PD. Gives instructions on how to avoid problems that can develop. more  

Treatment methods for kidney failure: Kidney transplantation

Gives a step-by-step account of the transplant process from the initial medical evaluation and being placed on a waiting list to surgery, recovery, and maintenance with antirejection medicines. Covers issues of organ donation and matching. more

Eat right to feel right on hemodialysis  

Designed to help renal dietitians work with their patients to choose the right foods. Explains how food affects hemodialysis patients and describes the roles of fluids, potassium, phosphorus, protein, sodium, calories, and vitamins and minerals. Written in easy-to-read language. more

Kidney failure glossary 

Defines medical terms and concepts used by health professionals and found throughout the Treatment Methods for Kidney Failure series. more

Vascular access for hemodialysis

Details the three types of access and the circumstances under which each is used. Designed to help patients understand and manage this essential component of hemodialysis, the fact sheet contains simple line drawings of each type of access. more

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