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Published - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 17-Jun-2007 
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Keep your diabetes under control

Helps patients learn interactively about blood sugar management with a comprehensive chart to record blood sugar, meals, and medicines. Also includes checklists to help patients get the most out of their health care visits, as well as a page to record the addresses and phone numbers of health care providers. more  

Keep your heart and blood vessels healthy

Descibes the role of the heart and blood vessels. Details the damage diabetes can cause to the heart and blood vessels and explains how to prevent and treat these complications. more

Keep your kidneys healthy

Describes kidney function and then kidney damage as a complication of diabetes. Explains and illustrates how to prevent kidney problems, test for kidney damage, and treat kidney disease. more  

Keep your eyes healthy

Defines and illustrates the different parts of the eye and the various forms of eye damage that can result from diabetes. Also teaches patients how to prevent or delay eye damage from diabetes. more

Keep your feet and skin healthy  

Discusses how diabetes can lead to feet and skin problems. Illustrates the different foot problems that can occur and teaches people how to care for their feet and skin to prevent these complications. more

Keep your nervous system healthy 

Provides information on and detailed illustrations of the various parts of the nervous system and explains how uncontrolled diabetes can damage these individual components. Also explains how to prevent and treat these problems. more

Keep your teeth and gums healthy

Teaches people how diabetes can damage teeth and gums and how this damage can be prevented. Focuses on proper dental care and frequent dental visits. more

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The NIDDK's Patient Education Series regarding diabetes prevention is available for download in today's special issue of Vidyya