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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    02-May-2000      
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A Virtual Internet Convention

A special feature of World Asthma Day 2000 will be the WebVention, an Internet convention. Commencing at 0900 in New Zealand, and ending in Hawaii 30 hours later, the WebVention will truly be an international and educational event.

The World Asthma Day 2000 WebVention event will be available on the WebVention Web Site ( and through links on the GINA Web Site ( To ensure access, and easy connection, to WebVention it is important to register participation as early as possible--this can be done on either the GINA or WebVention sites.

Participants can choose to “attend” asthma education lectures, chat rooms, and discussions with asthma experts that will be conducted in multiple languages. They will also be able to “view” live and previously recorded video events such as symposia, scientific animation, and the World Asthma Day 2000 press conference from London, England. In addition, participants can learn more about asthma from educational materials that have been developed by experts for asthmatics of all ages and in all stages of their disease. Many of these materials will be available for downloading during the event.

Although asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects males and females, children and adults, of all ethnic backgrounds, scientific and medical achievements in the past several years make it possible to effectively control this disease. However, it has been well established that an effective management program requires an active partnership between the patient, their families, and their health care provider.

During the World Asthma Day 2000 WebVention event, patients and their families will learn the important steps toward an effective asthma management program; health care professionals will learn how these programs are being developed, implemented and evaluated in multiple health care settings; and health care planners will share important tools and concepts they have used to develop effective programs.

The World Asthma Day 2000WebVention has been designed to provide information and materials on a country, regional, and global basis, which will provide “attendees” with the richest possible experience. It features an opportunity for individuals to ask questions of medical and scientific experts as well as the sharing of experiences about living with asthma with fellow patients and their families.

Upon completion of the World Asthma Day 2000 WebVention, GINA will evaluate the success of the event and capture the best features for further development. It is anticipated that use of the Internet will represent a unique opportunity to rapidly transfer important new medical advances, and to assure the best care and treatment of those who suffer from this chronic lung disease.

For further information about the Webvention event, please contact Tim Day ( or Dr. Larry Grouse (

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