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Addiction Withdrawal Syndromes

According to Susan G. Cooper, RN, MSN, CS, Media Reviewer for the Journal of Nursing Staff Development "This video series is an effective depiction of the multidisciplinary interaction between medicine and nursing in managing and treatment of alcohol and opiate withdrawal. It is an excellent educational tool that is appropriate for a variety of audiences ranging from medical/surgical nurses to staff working in intensive care units and psychiatry."

Since the bedside assessment and management of patients withdrawing from alcohol or drug addiction has always been a challenge for the health care professional, this video tape series on concepts and research findings can be useful to anyone in the health care profession. Addiction science is often ignored in the fight to stabilze physical symptoms.

The tapes are also suitable for educating physicians, pharmacists, and families of patients.

The first tape, Severe Alcohol Withdrawal teaches viewers how addiction occurs and how it manifests in alcohol-related syndromes. Viewers will learn to assess for signs of alcohol addiction and apply appropriate management techniques. Effective monitoring and pharmacological treatment are stressed. Perhaps one of the most helpful features are interviews with experienced detox unit nurses. These interviews give viewers additional insight into patient care, while brief vignettes actively demonstrate the interventions described.

The second tape in the series, Opiate Withdrawal differs significantly from that of alcohol withdrawal. This tape explains the physiological and psychiatric rationale for these differences.

Viewers are familiarized with the basic addiction model as it applies to opiates. Presenting information reinforced with interviews and vignettes, the tape provides viewers with the psychosocial assessment tools they need to identify and manage the psychiatric events of the opiate withdrawal syndrome.

As health care professionals stuggle with the many forms of addiction found in their patients--alcohol, nicotine, heroin, cocaine, etc., these tapes can be a valuable resource for furthering the understanding of the difficult problem of addiction.

These tapes are available from Vidyya.., Inc as well as other distributors for Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. You'll find ordering information at Addiction Withdrawal Syndromes

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