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1,639 Infected With Leptospirosis, 70 Deaths Result

At least 70 people have died this year of rat urine disease, which is spreading more rapidly as floods sweep through Thailand's northern and northeastern regions, according to the Ministry of Public Health.

A ministry release said 1,639 people have been infected with leptospirosis, which is transmitted by rat urine, during the first six months of the year and the number has been rising because of recent heavy rainfalls and flooding.

The northeast provinces most inundated by flash floods, have the highest infection rates, a release said.

Rats are rampant in many areas of rural Thailand. Patients with leptospirosis develop high fever, headaches and muscle pains _ symptoms often taken for the flu. If detected early, the illness is easily treated.

The disease killed 130 people nationwide last year, the highest toll since it was first identified in Thailand in 1985.

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