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Mosby's Pharmacology Patient Teaching Guides on Disk

Busy health professionals don't always have the time needed to explain the proper use of medications to their patients. Mosby's Pharmacology Patient Teaching Guides on disk and CD-ROM can help with the task at a reasonable cost.

This book and CD-Rom combination pack provides affordable, easy access to up-to-date patient teaching guides which can be copied and distributed to patients as appropriate. It includes approximately 140 guides for the 200 most commonly prescribed drugs, giving the health care provider easy access to patient education information for many common drugs. Another nice feature are the illustrated guides on medication administration methods which can help providers to more effectively teach medication administration.

The set also contains guides on health promotion and safety topics, so patients can be educated on issues related to safe medication use. There are sample medication records that may be copied for patients to assist them in effectively managing their medications.

Busy health professionals will like the fact that most of the materials are available in a 3-ring binder, so copying the guides for distribution to patients is easy and fast. If the literacy of your patients is a concern, the publisher reports that the set is written at or around the eighth grade reading level so most patients will find them easy to understand. The guides are also available as .pdf files on CD-ROM, allowing the health care provider to individualize guides for patients prior to printing by adding the patient's name and drug dosage, provider's name and telephone number, and any necessary additional instructions.

The drug information follows a consistent, patient-oriented format for each drug, including the drug's uses, how to take the drug, warnings and side effects, do's and don'ts while taking the drug, and other relevant information. Annual updates are included to ensure that the drug information that is provided is up up to date.

The Pharmacology Patient Teaching Guides are available from Vidyya's sponsor, and from the guide's publisher, Mosby.

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