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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    16-August-2000      
Issue 125 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST    17-August-2000      

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Newsletter Summary For 16-August-2000:

University of Pittsburgh may have found a new way to treat ischemic heart disease by the grace of a fortunate accident. In today's Vidyya you can read the remarkable story of a patient destined for the transplant list who recovered while on an LVAD device.

In other news, US pharmaceutical companies may not be to blame for the high price of AIDS medications in South Africa. It appears that South African governmental policy is playing a role in the price of drugs by taxing them at an incredibly high rate.

In another drug story, Bristol-Myers Squibb is hanging on to its patent rights to Taxol ®. Taxol is the number one selling anticancer agent in the world. It faces competition in a generic form, but not if Bristol-Myers can protect the medication for another few years.

This issue finishes with two unrelated items of interest. The government of Mexico has made it illegal for rape victims to receive a voluntary abortion. In reaction to the new legislation, the mayor of Mexico City has moved to protect the reproductive rights of a small section of his city's women. Mexico City, governed by a separate charter, will keep abortion-on-demand legal for rape victims, women whose lives are endangered by their pregnancy and for those cases where birth defects are severe.

The Medina County Fair in Ohio, USA is yet another blip on the E. coli outbreak map. Twelve children are sick with symptoms of the food-borne infection that is becoming a common part of the world infectious disease landscape.

Articles in today's Vidyya are:

As always, we hope you enjoy the issue.

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