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Back To Vidyya Vitamin E Supplements Can Help Prevent Stroke

Large Trial Of 29,000 Men With Hypertension

A new health study in Finland has found that Vitamin E supplements can reduce risk of stroke in men who have high blood pressure.

"Vitamin E supplementation may prevent ischemic stroke in high-risk hypertensive patients," the study, conducted by scientists in Helsinki in coordination with the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md., concluded.

A team of scientific researchers led by Dr. Jaana M. Leppala of the University of Helsinki's Department of Public Health studied more than 29,000 male smokers in a population aged 50 through 69. The study found that stroke occurred in a total of 1,057 men. Within 90 days from onset of their strokes, l60 men died of stroke.

Vitamin E supplementation, however, decreased the risk of stroke in the hypertensive men, although it didn't affect men with normal blood pressure. Vitamin E also lowered the risk of stroke among hypertensive men who concurrently suffered from diabetes.

Beta carotene, by comparison, increased the risk of cerebral hemorrhage while showing a moderate decrease in stroke among men with greater alcohol consumption.

The study divided the test patients into four groups, with one receiving Vitamin E supplements, the second receiving beta carotene supplements, the third receiving both Vitamin E and beta carotene supplements, and the fourth group receiving a placebo.

Results of the study have been published in the journal, Archives of Neurology.

Dr. Leppala said the study was preliminary, and that further tests are needed to confirm the roles of Vitamin E supplements and beta carotene.

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