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Requests For Money For Flu Vaccine For The Elderly

The CDC has received a report of telephone calls asking for donations to purchase influenza vaccine for the elderly because of a flu vaccine shortage.

Is there an influenza vaccine shortage?

The CDC believes that this year’s influenza vaccine supplies should be approximately equal to what was distributed last year, though distribution of most of the vaccine may be 4-8 weeks later than in 1999. Further, the CDC recommends that health care providers give priority to people 65 years of age and older for the first doses of available vaccine.

Thanks to federal, state, and community health programs, older and elderly Americans have a number of ways of receiving vaccine at no or reduced cost.

Are donations needed to ensure the elderly receive vaccine?

The CDC is unaware of and does not support organizations soliciting funds for the purchase of flu vaccine for elderly Americans. Also, the Federal Trade Commission recommends that consumers never give their credit-card number over the telephone, unless you have initiated the transaction and are dealing with a reputable company.

More information about this year’s Influenza Vaccine Supply:

Questions about influenza vaccination can be answered by staff at your local health department, your medical provider or by accessing CDC's influenza vaccine information web page at:

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