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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    28-December-2000      
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Back To Vidyya Weekly World News Hoax Scares Members Of The General Public

The Story Made Claims That The CDC Had Discovered A Mutated Version Of HIV That Could Be Transmitted Through The Air

The CDC has been dealing with the following rumor:

Recently, a Weekly World News story made claims that CDC had discovered a mutated version of HIV that is transmitted through the air. Is this true?

The CDC Response:

This story is not true. It is unfortunate that such stories, which may frighten the public, are being circulated on the Internet. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS, is spread by sexual contact (anal, vaginal, or oral) or by sharing needles and/or syringes (primarily for drug injection) with someone who is infected with HIV.

It is now less commonly spread through transfusions of infected blood or blood products for people with hemophilia. Babies born to HIV-infected women may become infected before or during birth or through breast-feeding. Many scientific studies have been done to look at all the possible ways that HIV is transmitted.

These studies have not shown HIV to be transmitted through air, water, insects, or casual contact. For more information about the transmission of HIV, please call the CDC National STD and AIDS Hotlines at 1-800-342-2437 or refer to additional information on the CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Preventionís web site at

Health professionals hearing anyone discuss the story are encouraged to help educate members of the public who may be vulnerable to believing such hoaxes.

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