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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    24-APR-2000      
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The Efforts Of One Person Can Make A Difference

If this quote from Jay Vance, the Director of the American Medical Transcriptionist's Guild, is any indication, this organization is to be taken very seriously:

"If technology threatens to make my job obsolete, I will find a way to embrace technology and turn it into an ally instead of an enemy. If my lifestyle is imperiled by cheap foreign labor, I will deliberately seek out markets that recognize the value of quality–and if I have to learn to operate more efficiently in the process, so be it." - Jay Vance

This Web site won an editor's choice award from Netscape's catalogers and it's no wonder. The positive but tough talk on the Web site makes it clear that no one gets rich by being a medical transcriptionist and that the promises of a great "work at home career" don't exactly tell the whole truth about how hard these individuals have to work.

The Web site is pretty typical for an association Web site. A set of links to outside Internet resources includes information on how to start a career as an MT, a list of online medical dictionaries, publications of interest to MTs etc. It's clear the links are well planned and considered. There's no fluff information here--just another indication that this is a profession that works. You can take part in a chat with MTs on Tuesdays at 21:00 EST, or post to the site's message board. There is also access to a better-than-average newsletter that contains interesting information for MTs. A favorite column in the April issue is a entitled Hmmmm. Hmmmm contains examples of phrases that can bring tears to the eye of MTs listening to physicians dictate a patient history:

She reports a two-day history of symptoms which began this morning.

He complains he sleeps 10 hours at night and sleeps during the day and chronically feels tired, but does not have any fatigue or exertional problems.

She does not smoke herself.

The American Medical Transcriptionists Guild appears to be ready to fight for the job of the transcriptionist. The Guild calls for transcriptionists to embrace technology, educate themselves and band together. Since technology and globalization threaten the MTs position, the Guild's ideas are worthy of attention.

What's most amazing is that the site and the excellent information therein appear to be the work of one individual. Because of the hard work of Jay Vance, the Guild has members in 34 states and Puerto Rico. Membership in the Guild is only $10.00 with the money going to postage and Web site maintanence. If you know MTs or happen to be one, this Web site is definitely worth your time and respect.

Visit the American Medical Transcriptionists Guild at

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