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Archives by Title - Volume 12, 2010 

1 in 4 patients have lost bone around their implants

A common cholesterol drug fights cataracts, too

A gimmick-free weight-loss pill in the works

A midday nap markedly boosts the brain's learning capacity

A new ally in the battle against cocaine addiction

A novel and simple formula to predict treatment success in chronic hepatitis C

A novel brain-based computational model of how Parkinson's disease and dopamine medications affect learning and attention

A primer on migraine headaches

A variant of the gene GFI1 predisposes to a subtype of blood cancer

Abnormal blood calcium levels deadly for kidney disease patients

Accelerated radiation therapy reduces toxicity in patients with advanced head and neck cancers

Alterations in the brain's reward system related to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

An electrifying discovery: New material to harvest electricity from body movements

Antibodies against abnormal glycoproteins identified as possible biomarkers for cancer detection

Appendicitis may be related to viral infections

Arsenic exposure activates an oncogenic signaling pathway; leads to increased cancer risk

'Artificial pancreas' a step nearer for children with type 1 diabetes

ASTRO, ACR issue IGRT, SBRT guidelines

ASU scientists develop universal DNA reader to advance faster, cheaper sequencing efforts

Autism's earliest symptoms not evident in children under 6 months

Bacteria-killing proteins cover blood type blind spot

Bacteria-killing proteins cover blood type blind spot

Before or after birth, gene linked to mental health has different effects

Better care at any hour for palliative patients

Biologists image birth of blood-forming stem cells in embryo

Biologists image birth of blood-forming stem cells in embryo

Biomarker could help doctors tailor treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

Blacks with MS have more severe symptoms, decline faster than whites, new study shows

Blocking inflammation receptor kills breast cancer stem cells, U-M study finds

Blood glucose self-monitoring: No benefit for non-insulin-dependent patients with type 2 diabetes

Blood test could improve graft-vs.-host disease treatment

Blood test for schizophrenia could be ready this year

Bowel disease link to blood clots

Brain study offers insight into causes of autism

Breakthrough breast cancer therapy reduces mastectomies; saves breast

Breast cancer screening: No added value through mammography

Caffeine consumption associated with less severe liver fibrosis

Cancer stem cells suppress immune response against brain tumor

Carbon nanotubes show promise for high-speed genetic sequencing

Carnegie Mellon physicist the first to measure energy released from a virus during infection

Catching calcium waves could provide Alzheimer insights

Certain genetic profiles associated with recurrence-free survival for non-small cell lung cancer

Characteristics of young age gastric cancer patients

Childhood harms can lead to lung cancer

Childhood stress such as abuse or emotional neglect can result in structural brain changes

Children can have recurrent strokes

Children more likely to catch swine flu, says new research

Chocolate lovers could be lowering their risk of stroke: Study

Cholesterol's link to heart disease gets clearer -- and more complicated

Chronic sinusitis patients experience improved quality of life after endoscopic sinus surgery

Cleveland Clinic, CWRU dental researcher finds switch that turns on the spread of cancer

Cleveland Clinic, CWRU dental researcher finds switch that turns on the spread of cancer

Clinical trial of nutritional drink for Alzheimer's

Clot-causing heart pouch may raise stroke risk

http://www.vidyya.com/vol12/v12i45_6.htm">CMS proposes no medicare coverage for virtual colonoscopy

CMS proposes no medicare coverage for virtual colonoscopy

Coal from mass extinction era linked to lung cancer mystery

Cocaine or ecstasy consumption during adolescence increases risk of addiction

Common gene variant may increase risk for a type of cardiac arrhythmia

Common mechanism underlies many diseases of excitability

Communication breakdown: what happens to nerve cells in Parkinson’s disease

Communication problems in the brain

Comparison shows robot-assisted option offers advantages for kidney surgery

Compound created at OSU could become important new antidepressant

Compound shows promise against intractable heart failure

http://www.vidyya.com/vol12/v12i45_7.htm">Compounds found in green tea block Bortezomib

Compounds found in green tea block Bortezomib

Computer simulation of protein malfunction related to Alzheimer's disease

Consumers over age 50 should consider steps to cut copper and iron intake

Contrast-enhanced MRI could play a key role in differentiating between common types of arthritis

Control of herpes symptoms does not reduce HIV transmission, international study found

COPD, even when mild, limits heart function

Cord blood-derived CD133+ cells improve cardiac function after myocardial infarction

Counterfeit Internet drugs pose significant risks and discourage vital health checks

Curing more cervical cancer cases may be in the math

Daclizumab shows potential for new immunoregulatory approach to treating MS

Dartmouth researchers describe how the cholera bacteria becomes infectious

Deep brain stimulation successful for treatment of severely depressive patient

Dementia in extreme elderly population expected to become epidemic according to the 90+ study

Diabetes patients rank health concerns differently than their doctors, U-M survey shows

Dietary factors influence ovarian cancer survival rates

Disconnect between brain regions in ADHD

Discovery of enzyme activation process could lead to new heart attack treatments

Disinfectants may promote growth of superbugs

Distinct demographic profiles between Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Does electro-acupuncture prevent prolonged postoperative ileus?

Double agent: Glial cells can protect or kill neurons, vision

Drinking milk during pregnancy may lower baby's risk of MS

Early abuse tied to more depression in children

Effective prostate cancer treatment discovery

Emerging tick-borne disease

Enzyme deficiency protects hepatitis C patients from treatment-related anemia

Excess protein in urine is indicator of heart disease risk in whites, but not blacks

Excessive Internet use is linked to depression

Exercise helps protect brain of multiple sclerosis patients

Expert panel calls on US research agencies to develop policies for providing free public access to federally sponsored research results

http://www.vidyya.com/vol12/v12i45_5.htm">Experts recommend steps to increase colorectal cancer screening in primary care

Experts recommend steps to increase colorectal cancer screening in primary care

Face recognition ability inherited separately from IQ

FDA warnings associated with reduced atypical antipsychotic use among older adults with dementia

FDA, health organizations to study safety of medications taken during pregnancy

Fewer left-sided colorectal tumors observed after colonoscopies

First discovery of the female sex hormone progesterone in a plant

First evidence that blueberry juice improves memory in older adults

First release of global adult tobacco survey results by Bangladesh

First successful use of expanded umbilical-cord blood units to treat leukemia

Fish oil not snake oil

From biological basics to diabetes discovery

Gene linked to schizophrenia may reduce cancer risk

Gene mutation is linked to autism-like symptoms in mice, UT Southwestern researchers find

Gene mutations linked to early-onset inflammatory bowel disease

Gene regulation: Can we stomach it?

Gene signature may improve colon cancer treatment

Genes found linked to breast cancer drug resistance could guide future treatment choices

Genes that protect chromosome tips may boost longevity

Genetic mutations associated with suicide risk among patients with depression

Genetic risk factor identified for Parkinson’s disease: Gene variant influences vitamin B6 metabolism

Genetic variability in a tumor as an indicator of patient risk

Glaucoma medications may be associated with reduced risk of death over 4-year period

Grandpa's broken hip may mean weaker bones for his grandsons

Growth factor hit by cancer drugs also protects heart

Healthy older adults with subjective memory loss may be at increased risk for MCI and dementia

Heart attack victims who have ECGs in the field experience shorter time-to-treatment

Herpes medication does not reduce risk of HIV transmission, UW-led international study finds

High antiretroviral therapy adherence associated with lower health care costs

Higher opioid dose linked to overdose risk in chronic pain patients

Hormone thought to slow aging associated with increased risk of cancer death

Household responses to pandemic (H1N1) 2009–related school closures, Perth, Western Australia

How nerve cells grow

How sunlight causes skin cells to turn cancerous

Husbands’ hostile, anti-social behaviors increase wives’ symptoms of depression, MU researchers find

Hypertension linked to dementia in older women

Hypnosis can relieve symptoms in children with respiratory diseases

Immediate risk of suicide and cardiovascular death after a prostate cancer diagnosis

Immune memory formation seen in early stages of viral infection

Improved air quality linked to fewer pediatric ear infections

Inadequate access to opioid-based pain relief is a human rights issue for cancer patients

Increased HAART coverage associated with 50 percent drop

Increasing neurogenesis might prevent drug addiction and relapse

Independent public health evaluations could save lives

Indoor tanning: The risks of ultraviolet rays

Influenza vaccines: Poor evidence for effectiveness in elderly

Information for patients: Don’t fear the flu - Arm yourself with the facts

Information for patients: E. Coli, ground beef and food safety

Inhibiting serotonin in gut could cure osteoporosis

Insights into how HIV evades immune system

Intensive insulin therapy for septic shock patients does not show survival benefit

IOM report declares high blood pressure a neglected disease, calls for strategies to change Americans' lifestyles and diets to curb hypertension

Iowa State University researcher discovers Ebola’s deadly secret

IQ among strongest predictors of CVD -- second only to cigarette smoking in large population study

Landmark heart treatment study: Catheter treatment works dramatically better than drugs for common heart rhythm disorder

Learning “curves”: Bioethics memory aid can help assess patient decision-making capacity in medical emergencies

Leptin-controlled gene can reverse diabetes

Less is more in cancer imaging

Lighter sedation for elderly during surgery may reduce risk of confusion, disorientation after

Link between birth defect gastroschisis and the agricultural chemical atrazine found

Link examined between omega-3 fatty acid levels and biological aging marker in patients with CHD

Little pill means big news in the treatment of MS

Losing sleep, losing brain?

Low forms of cyclin E reduce breast cancer drug's effectiveness

Low levels of antibiotics cause multidrug resistance in 'superbugs'

Low levels of natural antibodies behind stroke

Low socioeconomic status affects cortisol levels in children over time

Low Vitamin D levels are associated with greater risk of relapse in childhood-onset multiple sclerosis

Low-carb diet effective at lowering blood pressure

Lower detection of prostate cancer with PSA screening in US than in a European randomized trial

Marker of Ewing sarcoma: Potential new drug target?

Master gene SRC-3 enables breast cancer growth, invasion

Mayo Clinic and IBM advance early detection of brain aneurysms

McGill-CHUM study: 56 percent of young adults in a new sexual relationship infected with HPV

Medicare data reveals differences in orthopedic surgical outcomes

Medicare data reveals differences in orthopedic surgical outcomes

Medication appears well-tolerated, beneficial in Huntington's disease patients

http://www.vidyya.com/vol12/v12i45_1.htm">Melanoma drugs have unintended effects in some tumors

Melanoma drugs have unintended effects in some tumors

Melatonin precursor stimulates growth factor circuits in brain

Mild traumatic brain injury, not so mild after all

Mind reading, brain fingerprinting and the law

Model estimates risks and benefits of bariatric surgery for severely obese

Molecular pathways linked to sex, age affect outcomes in lung cancer

Molecule repairs alcohol metabolism enzyme

Moms' depression in pregnancy tied to antisocial behavior in teens

Monitoring of high-risk medications unchanged despite FDA warnings

Most patients gain weight after getting a new knee, UD study finds

MRI: Non-invasive diagnostic tool for diagnosing testicular cancer

MU researchers collaborate to develop standard of care for breast cancer survivors with lymphedema

Multiple patient samples of an analyte improve detection of changes in clinical status

Multiple sclerosis risk changes with the season

Muscle loss finding may one day save physiques

Natural compounds in pomegranates may prevent growth of hormone-dependent breast cancer

Nearly half of Americans believe H1N1 outbreak is over, poll finds

Negative pressure wound devices draw FDA notice, advice

Neuroimaging may shed light on how Alzheimer's disease develops

Neuroscientist: Think twice about cutting music in schools

New adhesive device could let humans walk on walls

New ALS drug slips through telling 'phase II' clinical trials

New approach to fighting Alzheimer's shows potential in clinical trial

New book Analysing Seasonal Health Data discusses seasonal patterns of population health

New brain scan better detects earliest signs of Alzheimer's disease in healthy people

New cancer treatment gives hope to lymphoma and leukemia patients

New clue why autistic people don't want hugs

New computational tool for cancer treatment

New data show cardiac respiratory stress test can quickly detect significant coronary artery disease

New DNA technique leads to a breakthrough in child cancer research

New drug for kidney transplant recipients effective in humans

New gene discovered for recessive form of brittle bone disease

New gene variants associated with glucose, insulin levels, some with diabetes risk

New insights into deadly brain cancer are important step towards personalized therapy

New key factor identified in the development of Alzheimer's disease

New measurement technique will help in fight against cancer

New nanoparticles target cardiovascular disease

New paper describes important advance in imaging of cell death

New potential to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

New research findings may help stop age-related macular degeneration at the molecular level

New screening system for hepatitis C

New software provides 3-D views of arteries in catheterization lab

New study finds possible source of beta cell destruction that leads to type 1 diabetes

New study possibly links cognitive and motor delays with 'flat head syndrome' in young babies

New study possibly links cognitive and motor delays with 'flat head syndrome' in young babies

New study raises the possibility that some antiviral drugs could make diseases worse

New 'suicide' molecule halts rheumatoid arthritis

New synthetic supplement improves memory and staves off age-related memory loss

New target discovered for treatment of cancer

New tool illuminates connections between stem cells and cancer

New treatment shown to reduce recurrence of debilitating diarrhea

New way to generate abundant functional blood vessel cells from human stem cells discovered

New way to lose fat, keep the lean

Newly identified genes influence insulin and glucose regulation

News brief: HPV vaccines may reduce a wide range of genital diseases

Nicotine replacement therapy is over-promoted since most ex-smokers quit unassisted

NIH stem cell guidelines should be modified, UCSF team reports

Non-invasive testing, earlier surgery can stop seizures in tuberous sclerosis complex

Notch-blocking drugs kill brain cancer stem cells, yet multiple therapies may be needed

'Notch'ing up a role in the multisystem disease tuberous sclerosis complex

Obesity ups cancer risk, and here's how

Observation about how nervous system learns and encodes motion could improve stroke recovery

Obstructive sleep apnea may worsen diabetes

Of swine, birds and men -- pandemic H1N1 flu

Older brains make good use of 'useless' information

Older female cancer survivors have added health issues compared to their counterparts

Optimizing chemotherapy with bevacizumab for ovarian cancer

Oral sodium phosphate laxative inducing hyperphosphatemia relates with weight?

'Overweight' adults age 70 or older are less likely to die over a 10-year period

Pain management failing as fears of prescription drug abuse rise

Panel calls for reducing colorectal cancer deaths by striking down barriers to screening

Parents often wait too long to treat children's asthma symptoms

Patients with advanced dementia more likely to receive feeding tube at larger, for-profit hospitals

Patients with mild gallstone pancreatitis can undergo surgery sooner, shortening hospital stays

Penn researchers find genetic link to leukemias with an unknown origin

People with anxiety disorder less able to regulate response to negative emotions, study shows

Periodic paralysis study reveals gene causing disorder

Personalized medicine in warfarin therapy

Physicians urged to consider active surveillance in prostate cancer

Pitt researchers raise concern over frequency of surveillance colonoscopy

Popular antidepressant blocks the beneficial effects of tamoxifen in breast cancer

Post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosed with magnetism

Potential new class of drugs to combat hepatitis C identified by Stanford scientists

Potential new target for drugs to treat iron deficiency and overload discovered

Prednisolone not beneficial in most cases of community-acquired pneumonia

Prenatal exposure to flame-retardant compounds affects neurodevelopment of young children

Prenatal ultrasonography has increased 55 percent for pregnant women, even in low-risk pregnancies

Preventing or reversing inflammation after heart attack, stroke may require 2-pronged approach

Promising new neuroimaging techniques for early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Protecting the brain from a deadly genetic disease

Protein-making errors may help defend cells

Public health information regarding weight not getting through, doesn't help, could hurt

Quitting smoking especially difficult for select groups

Radiofrequency ablation safe and effective for reducing pain from bone metastases

Rapamycin rescues learning, memory in Alzheimer's mouse model

Reducing salt intake -- even in small amounts -- could mean fewer heart attacks, strokes and deaths

Regular analgesic use increases hearing loss in men

Research adds to evidence that autism is a brain 'connectivity' disorder

Research highlights role of protein pair in obesity regulation

Research reveals link between beer and bone health

Researchers create drug to keep tumor growth switched off

Researchers determine how ATP, molecule bearing 'the fuel of life,' is broken down in cells

Researchers develop “nano cocktail” to target and kill tumors

Researchers develop dietary formula that maintains youthful function into old age

Researchers discover genetic differences between lethal and treatable forms of leukemia

Researchers discover molecular security system that protects cells from potentially harmful DNA

Researchers discover new way to kill pediatric brain tumors

Researchers find a treatment for deadly brain tumor

Researchers find 'broad spectrum' antiviral that fights multitude of viruses

Researchers find new insights into inherited retinal disease

Researchers identify a new gene involved in autophagy, the cellular recycling program

Restricting sugary food may lead to overeating

Retail meat linked to urinary tract infections: Strong new evidence

Review and approval of oncology and hematology drugs at FDA from 2005 to 2007

Rice physicists kill cancer with 'nanobubbles'

Risk of stroke lower for recent Ontario immigrants: study

Road mapping could be key to curing TB

Scanning for skin cancer: Infrared system looks for deadly melanoma

Scientists hope to end sleeping sickness by making parasite that causes it self-destruct

Scientists identify first genetic variant linked to biological aging in humans

Scientists put psoriasis drugs to the test

Scientists show how brain tumors outsmart drugs

Screening for short cervix could improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce preterm birth

Scripps Florida scientists show 'lifeless' prions capable of evolutionary change and adaptation

Scripps Research scientists create new way to screen libraries of 10 million or more compounds

Scripps research scientists find cancer cells co-opt fat metabolism pathway to become more malignant

Secrets of immunologic memory: New understanding of CD44 receptor's role in immune cell survival

Seeing a diagnosis: How an eye test could aid Alzheimer's detection

Sharing a hospital room increases risk of 'super bugs'

Shifting cellular energy metabolism may help treat cardiovascular disease

Shifting cellular energy metabolism may help treat cardiovascular disease

SIBLING proteins may predict oral cancer

SIDS linked to low levels of serotonin

Silencing brain cells with yellow and blue light

Sleeping beauty hooks up with herpes to fight brain disease

Slow breathing reduces pain

Small liquid sensor may detect cancer instantly, could lead to home detection kit

Small molecules found to protect cells in multiple models of Parkinson's disease

Smoking significantly increases risk of aneurysm in people with certain genes

Society of Interventional Radiology supports treatment for spine fractures: Patient selection key

Soft drink consumption may increase risk of pancreatic cancer

Some morbidly obese people are missing genes, shows new research

Sorting the drivers from the passengers in the cancer genome

Stain repellent chemical linked to thyroid disease in adults

Staring, sleepiness, other mental lapses more likely in patients with Alzheimer's

Startling new childhood asthma data

'Starving' fat suppresses appetite

Stem cells restore sight in mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa

Stress triggers tumor formation, Yale researchers find

Studies implicate damage inflicted by amyloid protein as shared disease mechanism

Study examines course and treatment of unexplained chest pain

Study examines family lineage of King Tut, his possible cause of death

Study examines interval colorectal cancer despite surveillance colonoscopy

Study explains why light worsens migraine headaches

Study finds H1N1 virus spreads easily by plane

Study finds higher risk of stillbirth in women with fibroids

Study finds increased presence, severity of coronary artery plaques in HIV-infected men

Study investigates immune system alterations in the brain

Study links reduced fertility to flame retardant exposure

Study offers evidence that spongiform brain diseases are caused by aberrant protein

Study reveals genetic link between mammographic density and breast cancer

Study reveals predictors of long-term opioid use for back pain

Study sheds light on role of stem cells in children's brain tumor

Surplus of serotonin receptors may explain failure of antidepressants in some patients

Switch that turns on the allergic response in people

http://www.vidyya.com/vol12/v12i45_2.htm">Symptoms of ovarian cancer may not help early detection

Symptoms of ovarian cancer may not help early detection

Synthetic lethality: A new way to kill cancer cells

Team finds link between stomach-cancer bug and cancer-promoting factor

The Cancer Genome Atlas identifies distinct subtypes of deadly brain cancer

The cost of being on your toes

The human brain uses a grid to represent space

The most frequent error in medicine

The role of sleep in brain development

Thyme oil can inhibit COX2 and suppress inflammation

Tiny constraints in heart blood flow: a better sign of blood vessel narrowing and early coronary artery disease

Tobacco smoke causes lung inflammation, promotes lung cancer growth

Tobacco use linked to worse outcomes in HPV-positive head and neck cancer, U-M study finds

Tobacco use linked to worse outcomes in HPV-positive head and neck cancer, U-M study finds

Total fat, trans fat linked to higher incidence of ischemic stroke

Toward a less expensive version of the anti-flu drug Tamiflu

http://www.vidyya.com/vol12/v12i45_3.htm">Trastuzumab benefits women with locally advanced, inflammatory breast cancer

Trastuzumab benefits women with locally advanced, inflammatory breast cancer

Traumatic brain injuries: Motor deficits can persist even after what appears to be a full recovery

Treating depression by stimulating the pleasure center

Trial suggests new first-line treatment option for slow-growing lymphomas

Tumor mechanism identified

http://www.vidyya.com/vol12/v12i45_4.htm">Tumor-targeting antibodies against glycoproteins may be markers of early cancer

Tumor-targeting antibodies against glycoproteins may be markers of early cancer

UC Davis researchers identify brain protein for synapse development

UC studies show marijuana has therapeutic value, reports to legislature

UC study supports alternative anti-seizure medication following acute brain injury

UCF Alzheimer's discovery could lead to long-sought preventive treatment

UCLA researchers image earliest signs of Alzheimer's, before symptoms appear: Findings could allow for early interventions for the disease

UCR researcher identifies mechanism malaria parasite uses to spread among red blood cells

UM School of Medicine finds prenatal cocaine exposure not severely damaging to growth, learning

Unusual protein modification involved in muscular dystrophy, cancer

Unwanted guests: How herpes simplex virus gets rid of the cell's security guards

URMC study links vitamin D, race, and cardiac deaths

Use of levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system safe and effective after five years

Use of multiple genetic markers not linked with better risk prediction of CVD

US-German team measures how quickly genomes change

Usual care often not consistent with clinical guidelines for low back pain

UT rheumatologists advance genetic research related to disabling form of arthritis

Vaccine kills residual leukemia cells in patients treated with imatinib

Violence is part of the job say nurses as study shows only 1 in 6 incidents are reported

Virus-free technique enables Stanford scientists to easily make stem cells pluripotent

Virus-like particle vaccine protects monkeys from chikungunya virus

Vitamin B3 shows early promise in treatment of stroke

Vitamin D supplements could fight Crohn's disease

Voluntary non-safety-related recall of specific lots of nasal spray vaccine for 2009 H1N1 influenza

What you eat after exercise matters

When the heart gets out of step

Why symptoms of schizophrenia emerge in young adulthood

Wide variety of bacteria mapped across the human body

Women with breast cancer may benefit from autologous stem cell transplantation

Workers' comp research provides insight into curbing health-care costs

Yale researchers may have uncovered the mechanism by which progesterone prevents preterm birth

Yale scientists synthesize unique family of anti-cancer compounds



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