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Global Information On Malaria

There are many excellent resources for malaria information. The following list contains a sampling of the types of data available on the Web.
  • Malaria Prevention Information
    Review from the McKinley Hospitals

  • Current Views on Malaria Prophylaxis
    Better than average site with physician written review of current prophylaxis methods. Very thorough.

  • Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets
    Excellent, useful information for travelers. Includes vaccination requirements, health updates, crime information, legal advice and more. Visitors click on the first letter of the name of the country which you are visiting.

  • Travel Health Online
    Information on travel medicine compiled and stored in an attractive Web site. Everything from the names and addresses of health providers worldwide to information on diseases from altitude sickness to yellow fever.

  • The African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network
    AMVTN (the African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network) is a non-profit network established in 1995 in Arusha, Tanzania. Its overall objective is to provide a forum for scientists and policy makers involved in the planning, coordination, and execution of malaria vaccination trials in Africa.

  • ACT Malaria - The Asian Collaborative Training Network
    ACT Malaria is an intercountry initiative between Bangladesh,Cambodia, China (Yunnan Province), Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • European Commission Regional Malaria Control
    Web site created "to provide useful and up-dated information on malaria and health situations in the Southeast Asia region." Excellent site.

  • LSHTM Malaria Centre
    London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine Malaria Information. Home of MALCON, a malaria consortia. Site contains links, technical notes etc.

  • The Malaria Network
    The information on this Web site is sponsored by the World Health Organization. The site includes general, travel and medical information.

  • Malaria Diagnosis Information
    This site is created by the Division of Laboratory Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital in Australia. Contains information on diagnosis, testing, treatment etc. Useful!

  • Medicines For Malaria Venture
    WHO's new MMV is a joint public-private sector initiative which aims to develop antimalarial drugs and drug combinations for distribution in poor countries.

  • Conference Calendar 2000
    Find year 2000 malaria related conferences from a number of places around the world

  • Conference Calendar 2001
    Find year 2001 malaria related conferences from a number of places around the world

  • Malaria Prevention Information

  • Travel Information From The Centers For Disease Control
    Health information on specific destinations. What to know before you go.

Disclaimer: Vidyya has provided these sites strictly for reference purposes. Vidyya & Vidyya. Inc., does not advocate the information, advice, or recommendations from any of the sources on the list.

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