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Help For Ailing Eyes, War & Oil Companies Are Suspected Of Spreading Disease And Nicotine Inhalers Can Help Reluctant Smokers To Quit

Proceed To Article Civil War In Angola Fosters Spread Of HIV
Troop movements, an increased rate of prostitution and the displacement of 2.5 million citizens is fostering the spread of HIV/AIDS in Angola. More...

Proceed To Article Mysterious Heart Ailments And Sudden Death At Kazakhstan's Top Oil Firm
Deaths due to heart ailments among workers employed in Kazakhstan oil giant Tengizchevroil have prompted a health probe into the company. Tengizchevroil has denied any occupational health hazards are present at the company.More...

Proceed To Article FDA Approves Rescula, A New Docosanoid, For Glaucoma
Ciba vision, the eye care unit of novartis, announced today that the u.S. Food and drug administration (FDA) has approved rescula® (unoprostone isopropyl ophthalmic solution) 0.15%, a new synthetic docosanoid compound for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. More...

Proceed To Article Facts About Open-Angle Glaucoma - Information For Patients
Open-angle glaucoma is the most common form of glaucoma, an eye disease that is a leading cause of blindness in the United States and the number one cause of blindness in African-Americans. More...

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BMJ Study Finds New Nicotine Inhaler Can Achieve Sustained Smoking Reduction by 50%
A new study published Friday in the British Medical Journal suggests that a nicotine inhaler effectively and safely achieved sustained smoking reduction over 24 months in patients who had difficulty quitting. The study concluded that smoking reduction may be a feasible first step towards smoking cessation in subjects who are not willing or able to abruptly stop. More...

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