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No Smoking
News From The 11th World Conference On Tobacco Or Health

Proceed To Article Zyban Increases Cessation Rate In Smokeless Tobacco Users
Data presented today at the 11th World Congress on Tobacco Or Health evaluated the use of Zyban® (bupropion HCl) Sustained Release 150 mg Tablets as a cessation aid for users of smokeless tobacco. More...

Proceed To Article Quitting Smokeless (Spit) Tobacco - Information For Patients
More than 2,200 young people age 11-19 try spit tobacco and 830 become regular users of spit tobacco every day. That means in one year, 824,000 young people first try spit tobacco and 304,000 become regular users. More...

Proceed To Article Prescribing Information - Zyban® (buproprion hydrochloride)
The smoking cessation aid, Zyban®, is the subject of a handful of studies presented at the Tobacco Or Health Conference this week. Learn what you need to know with this prescribing information. More...

Proceed To Article Facts About Spit Tobacco - Information For Patients
Processed tobacco contains at least 3,000 chemical compounds including a lot of things patients wouldn't want if they knew what was actually in spit tobacco. There have been at least 28 cancer-causing chemicals identified in spit tobacco including: nitrosamines, polonium 210, formaldehyde, cadmium and arsenic. More...

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Study Examines Why Quitters Return To Smoking
Data presented today from a study evaluating maintenance use of Zyban® (bupropion HCl) Sustained-Release 150 mg Tablets may shed some light on the reasons why people who try to quit smoking subsequently return to it--a common problem for the approximately 23 million people who try to quit smoking each year. More...

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