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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    25-April-2000      
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Proceed To Article Closing In On An Anti-Malarial Vaccine
A breakthrough discovery in understanding what causes malaria may boost development of a anti-malarial vaccine.

Scientists caution that any vaccine against the disease will not stop malarial infection, just halt the development of full blown disease symptoms. More...

Proceed To Article Preventing Malaria In Travelers
There are one million deaths from malaria woldwide each year. Most malaria deaths occur in children under the age of five. At present, prevention is the best defense against the disease. Read A guide for travelers to malarious areas for more information.

Proceed To Article Prescription Drugs For Preventing Malaria
There are several drugs available that are useful agents against malaria. It is important for health care professionals and travelers alike to know which drugs are indicated for what uses in which countries. Vidyya presents a prescribing outline intended as an educational tool for professionals facing questions regarding malarial prophylaxis.
Proceed To Article Web Resources - Malaria
Could the World Wide Web be a tool against malaria? It's possible. There are many resources with current information for public health officials, scientists, health care professionals and patients on the Internet. This list is just a sample of what's available. Since 500 million people become ill with the disease each year, knowing the available resources could be important.

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