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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    17-August-2000      
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If the smell of beer evokes a negative emotional response, a child may develop an aversion to alcohol.

Proceed To Article Parents’ Escape Drinking Evokes Children’s Negative Response To Alcohol Smell
Researchers report in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research that children between the ages of 3 and 6 years are likely to dislike the smell of beer if their parents report drinking to escape feelings of unhappiness. The findings extend earlier knowledge that young children acquire sensory learning about alcohol and suggest that their response to alcohol may derive from emotions observed or experienced when their parents drank. More...

Proceed To Article Brochure For Parents: Make A Difference, Talk To Your Child About Alcohol
This guide is geared to parents and guardians of young people ages 10 to 14. Keep in mind that the suggestions on the following pages are just that—suggestions. Parents should trust their instincts. Children look to their parents for guidance and support in making life decisions—including the decision not to use alcohol. More...

Proceed To Article Women More Vulnerable To Alcohol's Effects
Women appear to be more vulnerable than men to many adverse consequences of alcohol use. Women achieve higher concentrations of alcohol in the blood and become more impaired than men after drinking equivalent amounts of alcohol. Research also suggests that women are more susceptible than men to alcohol-related organ damage and to trauma resulting from traffic crashes and interpersonal violence. More...

Proceed To Article Financial Rewards Earned By Researchers Under Scrutiny
The death of an adolescent in a medical trial last year has federal health officials investigating whether financial rewards earned by some researchers may affect patient safety and public health. More...

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All Shipments Of The Norplant System Have Been Suspended
It looks like the world will have to wait for a generic form of Taxol, the number one selling anticancer agent in the world. Bristol-Myers Squibb is digging its heels in for a long legal battle to delay the generic form of the drug. More...

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