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Exciting new discovery may lead to new drugs for the treatment of malaria.

Proceed To Article NIH Researchers Discover "Feeding Channel" Created By Malaria Parasite
Researchers have found pore-like holes in the membranes of red blood cells infected by the deadliest form of the malaria parasite. That parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, apparently uses these holes to supply itself with the nutrients it needs to grow and reproduce. The discovery may lead to the development of new treatments for malaria, a widespread and devastating disease. More...

Proceed To Article Important Warning: Potential For Injury From Circumcision Clamps
The FDA is alerting health professionals to the potential for injury from two commonly used circumcision clamps, the Gomco®/gomco-type and Mogen®/mogen-type clamps. Both are widely used during circumcision to remove the foreskin while protecting the glans penis. More...

Proceed To Article Estrogen Lifts Mood In Perimenopause
Women who suffer depression as they enter the early stages of menopause (perimenopause) may find estrogen to be an alternative to traditional antidepressants, suggest National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) researchers. More...

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Heart Disease And Hormone Replacement Therapy- A New PHASE?
The PHASE study shows that HRT patches (both oestrogen alone and oestrogen and progesterone patches) do not reduce the risk of angina requiring admission to hospital, heart attacks or death from heart disease in postmenopausal women with proven coronary artery disease. There is also no additional reduction in cholesterol levels.There appears to be an increased risk of thromboembolic complications such as stroke that was also seen in the HERS study. More...

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