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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    02-November-2000      
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The FDA and the American Heart Association disagree on the ability of fish oil to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

Proceed To Article High Success Rates For Variety Of Heroin Addiction Treatment Medications
A recent study has shown that levomethadyl acetate (LAAM), buprenorphine, and high doses of methadone (60-100 mg.) were much more effective in treating heroin addiction than low-dose methadone maintenance (20 mg.). LAAM and methadone are available for clinicians to prescribe. Buprenorphine is currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration and is used only in research studies. More...

Proceed To Article Medicare Announces Fee Increase For Physicians
Medicare payment rates to physicians will increase by 4.5 percent overall next year, the Health Care Financing Administration announced yesterday. The figure is the net result of adjustments made under the law to a 5.1 percent update in the final physician fee schedule for calendar year 2001. More...

Proceed To Article National Diabetes Awareness Month - November 2000
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. In the United States, an estimated 15.7 million persons have diabetes. During 1990--1998, the prevalence of diagnosed diabetes among adults, including gestational diabetes, increased 33%. More...

Proceed To Article FDA Says Science For Omega-3 Health Claim 'Suggestive, Not Conclusive' Despite Recommendation From American Heart Association
The scientific evidence about whether omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) is suggestive, but not conclusive. Studies in the general population have looked at diets containing fish and it is not known whether diets or omega-3 fatty acids in fish may have a possible effect on a reduced risk of CHD. It is not known what effect omega-3 fatty acids may or may not have on risk of CHD in the general population. More...

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Multivitamins Are Not Heart Medications
Multivitamin supplements do not help patients with heart disease and can make things worse, according to a study presented here at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2000, co-hosted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. More...

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