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Proceed To Article BMJ Highlights
Finally, research that proves that it isn't how much extra weight you carry, or how high your blood pressure might be, but that it's the amount of psychological stress in your life that is the main indicator of health. Also in BMJ, a look at urinary tract infections in women aged 40-60 years and a clinical review of endometriosis. More...

Proceed To Article Stem Cells: A Primer
This primer presents background information on stem cells. It includes an explanation of what stem cells are; what pluripotent stem cells are; how pluripotent stem cells are derived; why pluripotent stem cells are important to science; why they hold such great promise for advances in health care; and what adult stem cells are. More....

Proceed To Article Death By Fire Ant?
The Sarasota County, Florida medical examiner’s office is investigating the death of 87-year-0ld, Mary L. Morales Gay, who died from over 1600 ant bites last week. Read Death By Fire Ant.
Proceed To Article Tamoxifen Found To Be Equally Effective For Black And White Women
A new analysis shows that tamoxifen is as effective for black women as it is for white women in reducing the occurrence of "contralateral" breast cancer.More...

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