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Proceed To Article Islamic Medieval Medical Manuscripts
Medieval medicine went high-tech when the National Library of Medicine recently unveiled its illustrated catalog of Islamic medical manuscripts on the World Wide Web. More...

Proceed To Article Radio Frequency Radiation Emissions Of Wireless Communication Devices
Over 80 million Americans currently use wireless communications devices (e.g., cellular phones) with about 25 thousand new users daily. This translates into a potentially significant public health problem should the use of these devices even slightly increase the risk of adverse health effects. More....

Proceed To Article Exercise May Raise Blood Pressure, Eventually
According to speakers at the American College of Sports Medicine's annual meeting, a long-term program of intense exercise, such as training for a marathon, may cause blood pressure to increase. Read Increasing Pressure.
Proceed To Article The Socio-Economic Burden Of Hospital Acquired Infection
At any one time, approximately one in ten patients in acute hospitals have a hospital acquired infection (HAI), and an unquantified number of patients in the community have an infection related to their recent hospital admission.More...

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