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Proceed To Article Severe Diabetic Problems End When Patients Receive Transplanted Cells
Transplanting insulin-producing cells into severely ill diabetic patients has been successful in stopping blackouts and ending the need for injections of insulin, a team of researchers reported in a New England Journal Of Medicine early release. More...

Proceed To Article General Cancer Information
Cancer patients are frequently frightened and in need of information from the basic to the highly detailed. Finding the best, informative and trusted information among the 15,000 plus health related Web sites is a daunting task. In response, the US government has set up the Cancer Information Service which combines the best information for patients from the National Cancer Institute's various information resources. More....

Proceed To Article More Web Resources Than You Could Possibly Need
The Federal Government operates many clearinghouses and information centers that focus on specific topics. Their services include distributing publications, providing referrals, and answering inquiries. Many offer toll-free numbers and Web addresses. Read Viddya's list of centers in our article on Information Clearinghouses.
Proceed To Article 1-800-424-LEAD
Now available--a lead poisoning prevention packet of materials designed to be used by librarians. The packet can be obtained by calling 1-800-424-LEAD. The good news is that lead poisoning is preventable, but only if parents, other caregivers, and members of the public are educated about the hazards of lead. More...

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