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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    14-June-2000      
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Proceed To Article Some Chinese Herbs Cause Kidney Failure And Urinary System Cancer
The FDA is warning health care professionals that some dietary supplements contain Chinese herbs that cause kidney failure and urinary system cancer. More than 100 people in Belgium developed kidney damage after ingesting dietary supplements that contained aristolochic acid. At least 72 of these people required a kidney transplant, as a result. The FDA recommends that practitioners obtain "a thorough history of use of dietary supplements and traditional medicines--including Chinese and Ayurvedic"--from their patients. More...

Proceed To Article Listing Of Botanical Ingredients Suspected To Cause Urinary System Disorders
The FDA is concerned about botanical-containing products known or suspected of containing aristolochic acid and will be pursuing appropriate regulatory actions. Practitioners who prescribe botanical remedies are urged to discard any products with the listed ingredients. For a complete list of botanicals, Chinese names, and common names, see Listing Of Botanical Ingredients Of Concern.

Proceed To Article Drug Resistance Threatens To Reverse Medical Progress
Curable diseases–-from sore throats and ear infections to TB and malaria--are in danger of becoming incurable. A new WHO report warns that increasing drug resistance could rob the world of its opportunity to cure illnesses and stop epidemics. As a result, the World Health Organization calls for "wiser and wider" efforts against infectious diseases. More...
Proceed To Article WHO Issues New Healthy Life Expectancy Rankings
Japanese have the longest healthy life expectancy of 74.5 years among 191 countries, versus less than 26 years for the lowest-ranking country of Sierra Leone, based on a new way to calculate healthy life expectancy developed by the World Health Organization. More...

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