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Collagen injections can help some incontinence patients when surgery fails, researcher finds

Collagen injections can benefit women who still suffer from stress urinary incontinence (SUI) even after urethral or periurethral surgery, a UT Southwestern Medical Center researcher has found. more  

Obese women play cancer roulette

Obese women may be putting themselves at greater risk of breast cancer by not undergoing regular screening. According to new research by Dr. Nisa Maruthur and her team from The John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, USA, seriously obese women are significantly less likely to say they have undergone a recent mammography than normal weight women, especially if they are white. Maruthurís findings are published online this week in Springerís Journal of General Internal Medicine. more

Study tracks increasing use of CT on pregnant women

Researchers have found that over a 10-year period radiologic exams on pregnant women have more than doubled, according to a study published in the online edition of Radiology. more  

First sister study results reinforce the importance of healthy living

Women who maintain a healthy weight and who have lower perceived stress may be less likely to have chromosome changes associated with aging than obese and stressed women, according to a pilot study that was part of the Sister Study. The long-term Sister Study is looking at the environmental and genetic characteristics of women whose sister had breast cancer to identify factors associated with developing breast cancer. This early pilot used baseline questionnaires and samples provided by participants when they joined the Sister Study. more

UH sociologist has different perspective on obesity 'epidemic'  

Headlines tell us the nation is getting fatter, and that obesity has become an epidemic. But there is more to the story, according to one University of Houston sociologist. more

Study suggests low, moderate alcohol use increases cancer risk 

According to a new study by British researchers, low to moderate alcohol consumption among women increases their risk for numerous cancers but also appears to reduce the risk of some other cancers. The study was published online February 24 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. more

Links between genes and smoking confirmed

Early evidence that genes may influence a personís use of tobacco came years ago from studies of twins. More recently, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have explored links between genes and aspects of smoking behavior, such as the age of initiation and the amount of cigarettes smoked per day. more

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Collagen injections can benefit women who still suffer from stress urinary incontinence