Vidyya Medical News Service
Volume 5 Issue 207 Published - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 26-July-2003 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 27-July-2003
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Anemia elevates risk of physical decline in older people
Anemia doubles the risk that an older person will develop serious physical declines that can erode the ability to live independently, according to a new epidemiological study supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and others*. It is the first longitudinal research to find an association between physical decline in later life and anemia, a blood condition that affects about 13 percent of older Americans.  more

First measurements of 'free-base' nicotine in cigarette smoke revealed in new study.
When it comes to nicotine content, all cigarettes are not created equal, according to a new study by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University. In fact, the study finds that some commercial cigarette brands contain 10 to 20 times higher percentages of nicotine in the so-called "free-base" form -- the form thought to be most addictive -- than believed up to now. more


New study sheds lights on reasons behind teenage gun toting
More African-American teenagers die from firearm homicide than by any other cause, a sobering fact driving researchers to ask why some teens choose to carry a gun.  more

Excessive or inappropriate ingestion of herbs for the treatment or prevention of disease prompts need for physician's advice
Two University of Iowa Health Care physicians are calling attention to the issue of polyherbacy, the excessive or inappropriate ingestion of herbs for the treatment or prevention of disease, especially in older patients. more

Searching for 1,000 families with multiple members with Alzheimer's disease
The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is greatly advancing the search for genes involved in Alzheimer's disease (AD) with acceleration of the AD Genetics Initiative. Joined by the Alzheimer's Association, the NIA is stepping up the Initiative to create a large bank of genetic material, cell lines, and data from families with multiple members with late-onset AD.  more

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