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Volume 5 Issue 204 Published - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 23-July-2003 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 24-July-2003
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Get the new diabetes GAMEPLAN toolkit for health care providers
The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)a joint program of the National Institutes of Health and the C nters for Disease Control and Pr vention is pleased to provide you with this Small Steps. Big Rewards. Your GAME PLAN for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes toolkit. This kit will help you apply the lessons learned from the Diabetes Prevention Program to your patients.  more

Novolin(R) human insulin plus metformin provides equivalent blood glucose control and costs two-thirds less than therapy with three oral anti-diabetic drugs
In people with type 2 diabetes who no longer respond adequately to two oral anti-diabetic drugs (OADs), therapy with Novolin(R) human insulin (rDNA origin) plus metformin provided equivalent blood glucose control but cost two-thirds less than therapy with three OADs, according to new research published this month in Diabetes Care. Novolin-metformin treatment also was associated with fewer treatment failures and dropouts due to adverse events than triple OAD treatment. more


Information for patients: The cost of diabetes
As the number of people with diabetes grows worldwide, the disease takes an ever-increasing proportion of national health care budgets. Without primary prevention, the diabetes epidemic will continue to grow. Even worse, diabetes is projected to become one of the world’s main disablers and killers within the next twenty-five years. Immediate action is needed to stem the tide of diabetes and to introduce cost-effective treatment strategies to reverse this trend.  more

Symptoms of depression signal shorter lives for people with cancer
A diagnosis of cancer carries such emotional upheaval that a person's prolonged feelings of depression can eat away at the possibility for long-term survival. In a new study of cancer patients published in the current issue of Psychosomatic Medicine, researchers have found that people's lives were more likely to be cut short when they had more symptoms of depression. more

Team discovers possible cancer 'susceptibility' gene
A UCSF-led team has identified a common variant of a gene known as Aurora2 that may increase susceptibility to cancer development. The finding provides one of the first examples of an elusive type of "low penetrance" tumor susceptibility gene in humans.  more

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