Vidyya Medical News Service
Volume 5 Issue 299 Published - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 26-Oct-2003 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 27-Oct-2003
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Scientists discover the molecule that helps cancer to spread
Scientists believe they may have found a way to stop cancer from spreading through the body. They have discovered that a molecule called 5T4 plays a key role in helping the disease to spread.  more

Genetically modifying a patient's blood could help them beat cancer
Researchers from Australia believe that genetically modifying a patient's own blood could help them beat cancer. The new technique involves removing millions of white blood cells from the patient and boosting them with cancer-fighting genes.  more


Modern life increases rickets risk
Physicians writing in the journal, Lancet, blame modern life for a resurgence in cases of the crippling bone disease rickets. The physicians warn that rickets - which many see as a disease of the past - is still a global health problem.  more

Information for patients: Incontinentia pigmenti
Incontinentia pigmenti (IP) is a rare, genetic disorder characterized by unusual patterns of discolored skin. The genetic transmission is X-linked dominant. Males are more severely affected than females. The disorder is caused by excessive deposits of melanin (normal skin pigment). IP is divided into 4 stages, which frequently overlap or appear together. During the first stage, which begins between birth and 6 months of age, there is inflammation accompanied by skin redness and spiral lines of small fluid-filled blisters.  more

Information for patients: Learn if you might be eligible for food stamps
The U.S. government's Food Stamp Program helped put food on the table for some 8.2 million households and 19.1 million individuals each day in Fiscal Year 2002. It provides low-income households with coupons or electronic benefits they can use like cash at most grocery stores to ensure that they have access to a healthy diet. Good nutrition is the conerstone of good health. For this reason, Vidyya is republishing a guidance from the food stamp program, "10 Steps to Help You Fill Your Grocery Bag."  more

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