Vidyya Medical News Service
Volume 5 Issue 63 Published - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 4-Mar-2003 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 5-Mar-2003
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Green tea is not an effective anticancer treatment for patients with advanced prostate cancer
A small study showed that a ginseng compound improved memory scores of people suffering from stroke-induced dementia, Chinese researchers reported today at the American Stroke Association's 28th International Stroke Conference. The American Stroke Association is a division of the American Heart Association.  more

Information for patients: Tea and cancer prevention
Tea drinking is an ancient tradition dating back 5,000 years in China and India. Long regarded in those cultures as an aid to good health, researchers now are studying tea for possible use in the prevention and treatment of a variety of cancers. Investigators are especially interested in the antioxidants-called catechins-found in tea. Despite promising early research in the laboratory, however, studies involving humans so far have been inconclusive. more


Distribution of dioxin-contaminated animal feed mineral mixes and feed halted
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced that its dioxin-monitoring program has found elevated levels of dioxin in some mineral components used in animal feeds. In response to notification from FDA about the problem, both the supplier of one of the mineral components (zinc oxide) and the mineral premix blender contacted their customers and urged that they immediately stop further distribution of their products made with this mineral component.  more

Less saturated fats, sugar and salt, more fruit and vegetables and physical exercise, needed to counter cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity
A diet low in energy-dense foods that are high in saturated fats and sugars, and abundant in fruit and vegetables, together with an active lifestyle are among the key measures to combat chronic disease recommended in an independent Expert Report prepared for two UN agencies. more

Organically grown foods higher in cancer-fighting chemicals than conventionally grown foods
Fruits and veggies grown organically show significantly higher levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants than conventionally grown foods, according to a new study of corn, strawberries and marionberries. The research suggests that pesticides and herbicides actually thwart the production of phenolics chemicals that act as a plant's natural defense and also happen to be good for our health. Fertilizers, however, seem to boost the levels of anti-cancer compounds.  more

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