Vidyya Medical News Service
Volume 6 Issue 165 Published - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 13-Jun-2004 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 14-Jun-2004
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190 end-stage renal disease patients die each day: Epogen usage questioned
Seminars in Dialysis, a peer-reviewed journal published by Blackwell Publishing, is featuring the much-publicized controversial editorial authored by Dennis Cotter in its May issue, despite outright rejection from a competitive journal, Dialysis and Transplantation.  more

Prescribing information: Epogen (epoetin alpha)
Epogen is indicated for the treatment of anemia in patients with chronic renal failure on dialysis. Patients who receive Epogen may experience adverse effects such as hypertension or flu-like symptoms. more

Yale researchers discover new potential asthma therapeutic targets related to parasites and insects
An unusual protein called acidic mammalian chitinase (AMCase), is markedly increased in mouse models of asthma, making it an important link in finding the pathways that lead to asthma, Yale researchers report in today's issue of Science.  more


Fat cells could provide the key to a longer life
With the threat of an obesity crisis looming, a study led by UCL researchers reveals today that fat tissue isn't always the enemy. Reporting in the journal Science they show that a molecular signalling pathway in fat tissue is an important mediator in extending lifespan.  more

Grandparents systemically prefer some grandchildren to others because of doubts about genetic lineage
Published in Personality & Social Psychology, this study is the first to confirm that preferential investment stems from genetic uncertainty. The finding is based on data from 780 university students who rated their emotional closeness to each biological grandparent from zero (cold or negative feelings) to 100 (warm or positive feelings).  more

Top quark measurements give 'God particle' new lease on life
Researchers from the University of Rochester have helped measure the elusive top quark with unparalleled precision, and the surprising results affect everything from the Higgs boson, nicknamed the "God particle," to the makeup of the dark matter that comprises 90 percent of the universe. The scientists developed a new method to analyze data from particle accelerator collisions at Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, which is far more accurate than previous methods and has the potential to change the dynamics of the Standard Model of particle physics. Details of the research are in today's issue of the journal Nature.  more

Yoga reduces fatigue in MS patients, OHSU study finds
Just six months of yoga significantly reduces fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis, but it has no effect on alertness and cognitive function, says a new Oregon Health & Science University study. more

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