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Volume 6 Issue 360 Published - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 25-Dec-2004 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 26-Dec-2004
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Extreme cold: A prevention guide to promote personal health and safety
With some parts of the world experiencing record cold, and when winter temperatures drop significantly below normal, staying warm and safe can become a challenge. Extremely cold temperatures often accompany a winter storm, so you may have to cope with power failures and icy roads. Although staying indoors as much as possible can help reduce the risk of car crashes and falls on the ice, you may also face indoor hazards. Many homes will be too cold—either due to a power failure or because the heating system isn't adequate for the weather. When people must use space heaters and fireplaces to stay warm, the risk of household fires increases, as well as the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  more

Roasting those "other" holiday meats
No doubt about it, holiday time is turkey time. Of the 267 million turkeys produced in 2000, 67 million (or 25 percent) were served at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yet numerous other meats are also traditional at holiday gatherings. Some families choose a rib roast; others, a ham; and some will have the butcher arrange a crown roast of lamb.  more

Jigsaw puzzles and other traditional Christmas activities could be at the bottom of a number of family arguments over the festive period, according to research on how people collaborate
Scientists at the University of Bath have found that people use a number of different strategies to complete jigsaw puzzles; at the extreme, people are either border obsessive or opportunistic jigsaw players." When individuals collaborate with people who have a different jigsaw strategy - as can happen when a family dusts off the jigsaw for a pleasant Holiday afternoon activity - problems can arise.  more


Energy-efficient house a wish come true for Santa
While energy-efficient houses save the homeowner money throughout the year, the biggest savings come during the heating months. At the North Pole, where the mean monthly temperature is 32 in July and minus-22 degrees in December, the heat bills – and the savings -- never end. Closer to home, the savings vary according to the climate, but in Knoxville, Tennessee, where the average low temperature in December is 32, a homeowner can save $100 or more per month with a near-zero-energy home.  more

Tips to holiday health and safety
The holiday season is a time to celebrate, and reflect. It's also a time to pay special attention health. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe and healthy during the holiday season…and all year long--courtesy of the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.  more

Potentially fatal toxicities occur with off-label use of cancer drugs
Food and Drug Administration policies prevent pharmaceutical manufacturers from informing patients about potentially fatal toxicities that occur with some cancer drugs -- policies that should be revised immediately, according to Northwestern University researchers. more

Drivers with epilepsy are on the road again
As a result of a worldwide cooperative movement, the absolute driving ban for people with epilepsy (PWE) has been lifted in Japan. Since 1960, people who have epilepsy have been banned from driving in Japan. A December article in the journal Epilepsia outlines the efforts and procedures taken to reinstate driving rights to people with epilepsy, a restriction affecting many epilepsy patients throughout the world. more

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