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Volume 6 Issue 60 Published - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 29-Feb-2004 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST 1-Mar-2004
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When mom looks at baby her brain "lights up"
When a new mom gazes at her baby, it's not just her mood that lights up - it's also a brain region associated with emotion processing, according to a new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  more

First direct isolation, quantification, and particle size determination of airborne Mycobacterium tuberculosis aerosols
In its initial issue for March 2004, the American Thoracic Society's peer-reviewed American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has published the first report of the direct isolation, quantification, and particle size determination of airborne Mycobacterium tuberculosis aerosols (capable of being cultured), which were generated from the coughs of patients with proven pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).  more

Dealing with the special clinical problems of the morbidly obese in the intensive care unit
The growing interest in gastric bypass surgery points up the problems faced by critically ill morbidly obese patients and the serious challenges seen by physicians in treating these patients.  more


Avian influenza A(H5N1) update: New cases in Thailand and Viet Nam
The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand has confirmed the country’s tenth case of H5N1 infection. The case is a 47-year-old woman from Lopburi Province who has fully recovered. Laboratory tests have confirmed an additional case of H5N1 infection in Viet Nam. The case is a 16-month-old baby girl from Dong Nai Province.  more

WHO releases new report on global problem of oral diseases
Oral diseases such as dental caries (tooth decay), periodontitis (gum disease) and oral and pharyngeal cancers are a global health problem in both industrialized and increasingly in developing countries, especially amongst poorer communities, the World Health Organization (WHO) said today. Announcing the findings of the World Oral Health Report, WHO said that an estimated five billion people worldwide had experienced dental caries. more

Concerns over the value of animal experiments
Much animal research into potential human treatments is wasted because it is poorly conducted and not thoroughly evaluated, argue leading doctors in this week's BMJ.  more

Risks of HRT could have been revealed much earlier
The risks of hormone replacement therapy would have been revealed much earlier if better use had been made of existing evidence. As such, women have been needlessly exposed to an increased risk of heart disease, argue researchers in this week's BMJ.  more

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