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Work fatigue and working overtime are associated with weight gain

A recently published study "Psychosocial working conditions and weight gain among employees" is part of the ongoing Helsinki Health Study, carried out in the University of Helsinki, Department of Public Health. more  

Many HIV patients are not diagnosed early enough

Many patients in the UK and Ireland are not having their HIV infection diagnosed until they are at a late stage of disease, finds a study published online by the BMJ today. These findings reflect national trends reported by the Health Protection Agency. more

A hospital stay can make an older person more likely to commit suicide

A study in the May edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society indicates that suicide in persons age 80 and older is more prevalent among those who have been hospitalized than in those who have not. more  

Lipids get new comprehensive classification system

In response to the growing number of lipids expected to be discovered through lipidomics and in anticipation of the massive amounts of data that will be generated by the lipid community, an international group of scientists has developed a comprehensive classification, nomenclature, and chemical representation system for lipids. more

Blocking blood vessels provides new option for large group of advanced lung cancer patients  

Patients with a particular type of advanced lung cancer may have a new option based on data presented here at the 2005 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology showing that combining a drug that cuts off the cancer's blood supply with standard chemotherapy can shrink tumors and extend life. more

Black children more likely to die from traumatic injury than white children 

A new study of nearly 6,000 children suggests that black youth are more than twice as likely to die from a traumatic injury as are white children. more

Active vaccine prevents mice from developing prion disease

NYU School of Medicine scientists have created the first active vaccine that can significantly delay and possibly prevent the onset of a brain disease in mice that is similar to mad cow disease. The new findings, published online this week in the journal Neuroscience, could provide a platform for the development of a vaccine to prevent a group of fatal brain diseases caused by unusual infectious particles called prions. more


Work fatigue = weight gain