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Radiology residents can accurately assess after-hours patients for stroke

Appropriately trained radiology residents on-call can accurately read emergency head CT studies and determine if a patient has had a stroke and is a potential candidate for thrombolytic therapy, a new study shows. There is a short window of time that thrombolytic therapy can be administered, so accurate and timely reading of the CT scans is critical. more  

Hydroxycitric acid slows glucose uptake, cuts insulin peaks/valleys a la South Beach Diet

In this obesity-obsessed world, the dream ingredient must be something that tastes good enough to be a condiment or flavoring and yet somehow helps us keep our weight down. Consider hydroxycitric acid (HCA), known variously as Brindle berry or Malabar tamarind, which is used in Indian and Thai food as a condiment and flavoring agent. more

Physiotherapy effective stress-incontinence treatment in 80 per cent of cases

Physiotherapy is effective in treating stress incontinence in about 80 per cent of cases, according to the first national study undertaken in clinical practice by researchers at the University of South Australia. more  

New kidney function test better than standard at predicting death and cardiovascular outcomes

Cystatin-C, a new blood test for kidney function, is a better predictor of death and cardiovascular risk among the elderly than the standard measure of kidney function, according to a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)-funded study published in the May 19 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. This more sensitive test distinguishes those at low, medium and high cardiovascular risk, which may enable earlier detection. more

Chest CT can be first step to identifying if patient has had a heart attack  

When radiologists are looking at contrast-enhanced chest CT examinations, they should take a look at the patient&srquo;s heart to rule out heart attack, regardless of why the chest CT examination is being performed, a new study shows. more

Enlarged prostate drug allows for less invasive prostate biopsies 

A drug that is currently used to treat an enlarged prostate may improve the accuracy of prostate biopsies, a pilot study shows. more

Nurture as important as nature in developing ability for flexible self-control

Your ability to follow the rules of the road when driving on unfamiliar streets exists thanks to the way your pre-teen life experiences influenced the development of your brain. Individuals deprived of normal life experiences may lack this ability to control their behavior in novel situations, a new computer model suggests, providing insight into how nature and nurture may interact in the development of self-control. more


Physiotherapy: A better treatment for stress incontinence?