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'Molecular zipper' may hold important clues to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and mad cow disease

An international team of chemists and molecular biologists has discovered a fundamental molecular mechanism that seems to play an important role in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, mad cow disease and two-dozen other degenerative and fatal diseases. The discovery is reported June 9 in the journal Nature, where it is featured on the cover. more  

Study establishes new class of cancer-causing genes

Over the past few years, scientists have discovered that a new class of genetic regulators called "microRNAs" influences normal human growth and development. Now, researchers have found that microRNAs also play an important role in human cancer. The findings are published in today's issue of the journal Nature (June 9). more

A new insight into breast cancer: Breast density is directly related to breast cancer

New research suggests that there is a direct relationship between the density of breast tissue, and the risk of developing tumours in dense areas of the breast. The results of the study, published today in the Open Access journal Breast Cancer Research, strongly suggest that some aspects of dense breast tissue directly influence tumour development in breast tissue. more  

Mount Sinai Hospital researcher develops Canada's first embryonic stem cell lines

A senior scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital has developed Canada's first two human embryonic stem cell lines, giving researchers across the country new potential and hope for eventually discovering treatments and cures for many chronic and fatal diseases. more

Home test kits highly effective against sexually transmitted diseases 

Researchers at Johns Hopkins say they have evidence that more than one-third of young women are willing and able to use a free, easily available home test kit to privately and accurately learn if they are infected with Chlamydia trachomatis, the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in this group. more

Exercise-induced asthma more clearly linked to high-salt dietS 

An Indiana University professor may have uncovered the mechanisms by which high-salt diets can trigger exercise-induced asthma, offering the most complete picture to date of how dietary factors can both aggravate and alleviate the symptoms of this common condition. more

New tooth whitener could help heal teeth

Tooth whiteners that could enhance teethís natural healing ability may soon be available in over-the-counter gels and strips, according to a dental researcher who shared his teamís latest findings today at the American Dental Associationís national media conference. more


High-salt diets can trigger exercise-induced asthma