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Recent use of antibiotics doubles your chances of being resistant

A new study has shown that a prescription of antibiotics taken within the previous two months doubles the chances of patients carrying antibiotic resistant bacteria. The same effect was not seen in patients who had had antibiotics prescribed within the previous 12 months. more  

Endocannabinoids the brain's cannabis demonstrate novel modes of action to stress

Three separate research team reports one from Louisiana, one from Japan and one from Scotland are presenting independent research results pointing to involvement of endocannabinoids as a novel neural messenger in various stress-related situations with possible applications in eating, disease treatment and social behavior. more

U of T study shows barriers to HIV vaccine acceptance

Public health officials must be sensitive to concerns about stigma and fear of vaccine-induced infection if they want women to take advantage of HIV vaccines now under development, says a University of Toronto researcher. more  

Fracture of human bone: It's all in the 'glue'

A startling discovery about the properties of human bone has been made by scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara. more

Hormonal signaling in the brain: radical shift in understanding information processing  

Two University of Edinburgh professors from the Centre for Integrative Physiology describe how "our understanding of how the brain processes information is undergoing a radical shift as we begin to recognize the implications of hormonal signaling systems within the brain itself," explained Gareth Leng. more

Discovery of T-cell 'traffic control' boosts new drug promise 

Scientists have begun to clarify how one of the body's molecules controls the trafficking of T cells through the blood, lymph nodes and on to tissues to fight infection -- a crucial response that sometimes goes awry, attacking the body's own tissues and causing autoimmune diseases. more

The synapse is a shotgun: New model challenges textbook definition

Researchers have constructed a new detailed map of the three-dimensional terrain of a synapse -- the junction between neurons which are critical for communication in the brain and nervous system. The "nano-map," which shows the tiny spines and valleys resolved at nanometer scale, or one-billionth of a meter, has already proven its worth in changing scientists' views of the synaptic landscape. more


The synapse is a shotgun: New model challenges textbook definition