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Understanding lupus

Lupus experts recommend that people with lupus have regular medical appointments and take their medication as prescribed. Other recommendations include sunscreen use and limiting sun exposure to prevent flares, regular exercise to improve joint flexibility and muscle strength, good eating habits, and plenty of rest. more  

Drug name confusion: Preventing medication errors

An 8-year-old died, it was suspected, after receiving methadone instead of methylphenidate, a drug used to treat attention deficit disorders. A 19-year-old man showed signs of potentially fatal complications after he was given clozapine instead of olanzapine, two drugs used to treat schizophrenia. And a 50-year-old woman was hospitalized after taking Flomax, used to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, instead of Volmax, used to relieve bronchospasm. more

Treatment switch is beneficial for women with early breast cancer

Switching treatment to the drug anastrozole after two years of tamoxifen can improve eventfree survival for postmenopausal women with early breast cancer, concludes a study in this week’s issue of The Lancet. more  

Assisted living and in-home care increase as nursing home beds decline

Even with the U.S. population rapidly aging, a smaller proportion of elderly and disabled people live in nursing homes today compared to 1990. Instead, far more depend on assisted living residences or receive care in their homes, according to a study published in the August 2005 issue of the Journal of Applied Gerontology. more

Changes in technique can reduce radiation dose in CT examination  

Two minor changes in technique could make a major difference in the radiation dose used in survey CT scans, a new study shows. Survey scans are those that are performed before a regular CT scan, usually to plan for the examination. more

Discarded placentas deliver researchers promising cells similar to embryonic stem cells  

Routinely discarded as medical waste, placental tissue could feasibly provide an abundant source of cells with the same potential to treat diseases and regenerate tissues as their more controversial counterparts, embryonic stem cells, suggests a University of Pittsburgh study to be published in the journal Stem Cells and available now as an early online publication in Stem Cells Express. more

Smoking women married to smoking men have higher stroke risk

In a study of women smokers, those whose spouses also smoked had a higher risk of stroke than those married to nonsmokers, according to a study in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association. more


Minor changes in technique could make a major difference in the radiation dose used in survey CT scans