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Results of a head-to-head study comparing two of the most widely used chemotherapy agents in breast cancer published in the journal of clinical oncology

The Sanofi-Aventis Group announced today that the Journal of Clinical Oncology has published the results of a phase III trial that demonstrate treatment with TAXOTERE(R) (docetaxel) Injection Concentrate significantly improved overall survival and median time to disease progression compared with paclitaxel in women with advanced breast cancer whose cancer had progressed after previous treatment with an anthracycline-based therapy. more  

Despite the fact that many U.S. adults are unfamiliar with avian (or bird) flu majorities believe taking steps to prepare is important

In the wake of recent reports confirming that avian flu (also known as bird flu) has spread from Siberia into other parts of Russia, a new poll has found that a majority (53%) of U.S. adults are either not very or not at all familiar with this virus and that a large number (41%) are not very or not at all concerned that the United States might be part of an avian flu pandemic in the near future. Despite this lack of familiarity and concern, majorities of adults believe that particular steps should be taken to prepare for a potential pandemic. more

Information from the American Stroke Association in the wake of Coretta Scott King's stroke

Because of news being reported that Coretta Scott King has suffered a stroke, here is a stroke Q&A and fact sheet that you may reference for knowledge of this medical condition. The American Stroke Association is available as a resource at StrokeAssociation.org or 1-888-4STROKE. more  

Switching from tamoxifen to anastrozole lowers breast cancer recurrence

For two decades, the estrogen blocker tamoxifen has been the most effective hormone treatment for the first 5 years following surgery for early breast cancer, whether used alone or with other adjuvant chemotherapy. Results from two large prospective European trials reported in the August 6 Lancet, however, showed that women who received 5 years of adjuvant hormone therapy and were switched to analstrozole after 2 years on tamoxifen had a 40 percent decrease in disease recurrence, compared with women who received only tamoxifen for the full 5 years. more

An important moment in the battle against lung cancer  

In our daily efforts to understand and deal with the mysteries of cancer, there are moments that remind us of the urgency of the problem. The recent death of ABC News anchor Peter Jennings from lung cancer and the diagnosis of Dana Reeve, widow of actor Christopher Reeve, with the same disease have brought renewed public attention to the cruel reality that lung cancer kills 160,000 of our friends and family members each year. They remind us of the damage done by smoking, but also that the problem is more complex, and that smoking is not the sole cause of lung cancer. In addition to prevention, we must also urgently address earlier detection and better treatment. more

Study raises questions about melanoma incidence rates  

A new study by researchers from the Veterans Affairs Outcomes Group concludes that the dramatic increase in melanoma incidence seen over the past two decades is actually a consequence of increased skin biopsies and not a jump in true disease rates. Dr. H. Gilbert Welch and colleagues, relying on data from Medicare and NCI's SEER program, showed that skin biopsy rates for people 65 and older increased 2.5-fold during the 1986 to 2001 study period, while overall incidence rates increased 2.4-fold. more

Researchers find potential biomarker for heart failure

Signs of heart failure may be in the blood. Cardiac researchers at Jefferson Medical College have found an enzyme in the blood that could be a potential marker for heart failure. more


Information about stroke in the wake of Coretta Scott King's stroke, appears in today's issue of Vidyya