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The Federal Government has contracted with JCNationwide to provide immediate medical assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina. JCN will assist the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) and other federal agencies in a coordinated effort to supply quality healthcare delivery to thousands of families affected by the devastating storm and its aftermath. more  

Medication reduces risk of heart attack and cardiovascular death before and after angioplasty

Use of the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel before a coronary angioplasty reduced the risk of cardiovascular death, heart attack or stroke within 30 days following the procedure, according to an article in the September 14 issue of JAMA. more

Clopidogrel for percutaneous coronary revascularization - time for more pretreatment, retreatment, or both?

In an JAMA editorial, David J. Moliterno, M.D., and Steven R. Steinhubl, M.D., of the University of Kentucky, Lexington, comment on findings by Sabatine et al. more  

Study finds mixed results on teen sexual behavior from abstinence-only intervention

Abstinence-only education can influence teen sexual behavior and beliefs, according to a Case Western Reserve School of Medicine study published in the American Journal of Health Behavior. more

Patients treated with respect more likely to follow medical advice 

Attention doctors: Want patients to follow your advice? Treat them with dignity, a Johns Hopkins study has found. more

Researchers to test if cannabis ingredient can help COPD patients 

Researchers from Imperial College London are looking for volunteers to test whether cannabinoids, the active ingredient of cannabis, can be used to alleviate the sensation of breathlessness caused by illnesses such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The team are looking for volunteers aged between 50 and 70, who don't have breathing difficulties. more

After a hurricane: Key facts about infectious disease

Although infectious diseases are a frightening prospect, widespread outbreaks of infectious disease after hurricanes are not common in the United States. Rare and deadly exotic diseases, such as cholera or typhoid, do not suddenly break out after hurricanes and floods in areas where such diseases do not naturally occur. more


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