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ASCO's list of oncology practices, cancer centers, and hospitals for cancer patients affected by hurricane Katrina

If your cancer treatment has been interrupted, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has developed a list of facilities in the surrounding region that are able to care for patients in need of treatment during this time. Find listings in the city or area closest to where you are and call the numbers provided. more  

Finding other hurricane recovery related resources

Do you know someone that needs to find family? Shelter? Medicine? This short list of resources will help direct them to the powerhouses of help. more

Locate missing relatives and friends

We know many people are still trying to find family and friends affected by Hurricane Katrina. There are several sites that have information or the ability for you to post messages. Here is a listing of sites that seem to be providing current information. more  

Hand hygiene in emergency situations

After an emergency, it can be difficult to find running water. However, it is still important to wash your hands to avoid illness. It is best to wash your hands with soap and water but when water isnít available, you can use alcohol-based products made for washing hands. Below are some tips for washing your hands with soap and water and with alcohol-based products. more

Epidemiology of metabolic syndrome in Europe 

Previously, several different definitions for the metabolic syndrome (MetS) had been proposed and used by researchers. This resulted in confusion about the frequency of the MetS and its relationship with mortality. Recently, the Consensus Panel International Diabetes Federation (IDF) proposed a new definition for the MetS in order to overcome the problems of comparability. more

Interventional therapy of aortic diseases by stent-graft placement  

Endovascular stent grafting has been successfully used in patients with abdominal and thoracic aneurysms and has been explored as a less invasive alternative in patients with stable type B aortic dissection. Furthermore, stent-graft placement and/or fenestration have also been applied to treat aortic branch occlusions resulting from malperfusion syndromes in both type A and type B acute aortic dissections. Aims of treatment include reconstruction of the thoracic aortic segment containing the entry tear, induction of thrombosis of the false lumen and reestablishing the true lumen and side branch flow. more

Scientists develop 'clever' artificial hand

Scientists have developed a new ultra-light limb that can mimic the movement in a real hand better than any currently available. This research was presented yesterday at the Institute of Physics conference Sensors and their Applications XIII which took place at the University of Greenwich, Kent, UK. more


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