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Inheritance, smoking spawn mysterious and deadly lung disease

An incurable, deadly lung disorder, "idiopathic interstitial pneumonia" (IIP), whose causes were mysterious arises from a combination of a genetic predisposition and damage due to inhaled chemicals, notably from cigarette smoking, Duke University Medical Center researchers have found. more  

Optical imaging added to ultrasound improves breast cancer diagnosis

A new study shows that combining a technology called optical tomography with standard ultrasound imaging can help distinguish early-stage breast cancer from non-cancerous lesions--and potentially reduce the number of breast biopsies performed. The study appears in the October issue of the journal Radiology. more

Study shows new imaging tracer clarifies cause of chest pain up to 30 hours after pain stops

A national team of researchers, led by a cardiovascular nuclear medicine specialist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, has demonstrated for the first time that an experimental radioactive compound can show images of heart damage up to 30 hours after a brief interruption of blood flow and oxygen. The discovery may help physicians in emergency rooms and in their offices determine whether a patient's chest pain, which may have subsided hours earlier, is related to heart disease or something else, such as indigestion. The results of the study appear today in Circulation Online and will appear in the print version of Circulation on October 4, 2005. more  

Effects of bacterial pneumonia no worse for HIV-positive patients

Pneumonia doesn't appear to harm HIV-positive patients any more than those without HIV, according to a new international study conducted in part by the University of Alberta. more

Death sentences linked to history of lynching in states  

States that sentence the most criminals to death also tend to be the states that had the most lynchings in the past, a new study suggests. more

Drug resistance testing in treatment-naÔve HIV patients is cost-effective  

Testing for drug resistance in HIV-infected patients at the time of HIV diagnosis is cost-effective and may increase patientsí life expectancy, according to an article in the Nov. 1 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases, now available online. more

Poor health literacy associated with poorer physical and mental health

A state-of-the-art treatment program developed at Yale School of Medicine increases survival from the aggressive uterine papillary serous carcinoma (UPSC) and spares some patients the need for additional therapy. more


48 percent of adults in the U.S. have inadequate health literacy