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Update on serious eye infections associated with soft contact lens use and contact lens solution -- May 5, 2006

As reported in the MMWR, patients with confirmed cases of Fusarium keratitis have reported using various contact lens cleaning solutions including various types of ReNu products and generics. We continue to confirm reported cases associated with products other than ReNu with MoistureLoc. Our interest in the MoistureLoc product is based on the disproportionate number of case of Fusarium keratitis associated with ReNu with Moisture Loc compared to the overall product market share. The trends of reported cases involving various contact lens solutions other than MoistureLoc have remained consistent throughout our investigation. more  

Information for patients: About the flu

The flu is an illness caused by a virus. Like a cold, it attacks the nose, throat, and lungs. The flu can sometimes lead to other problems like pneumonia, ear and sinus problems, dehydration, and worsening of asthma. For most of us, the flu will go away in one-two weeks. more

Influenza (flu) antiviral drugs and related information

The term influenza refers to illness caused by influenza virus. This is commonly also called flu, but many different illnesses cause flu-like systemic and respiratory symptoms such as fever, chills, aches and pains, cough, and sore throat. more  

Influenza vaccine: What you need to know.

This consumer pamphlet, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - National Immunization Program, contains basic vaccine questions and answers. more

Information about the influenza virus vaccine for 2006-2007 

FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) met in Bethesda, Maryland, on February 17, 2006, to select the influenza virus strains for the composition of the influenza vaccine for use in the 20062007 U.S. influenza season. more

Helpful influenza information  

Use this helpful list of links to access influenza resources from respected places on the Web. more

Avian influenza

This fact sheet provides general information about avian influenza (bird flu) and information about one type of bird flu, called avian influenza A (H5N1), that has caused infections in birds and in humans. more


Information about influenza and influenza viruses appears in today's issue of Vidyya.